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conference call

conference call

teleconference sf [comp. of tele- and conferencing ]. – Information transmission system made up of two or more groups of equipment (audio, graphic, video terminals, etc.) distant from each other and connected mostly via the computer network or television circuits, which allows conferences and debates to be held between people located in different places.

Definition of teleconferencing and videoconferencing

● teleconference

A conference call is a telephone meeting held between two or more locations through a telecommunications system. Technical terms such as telephone conferencing, phone conferencing, and audio conferencing are also sometimes used to refer to teleconferencing.

In a teleconference, audio or video data can be transmitted via one or more different telecommunication mediums, such as telephone, computer, television, radio, telegraph, and teletransmitter.

Specifically, internet teleconferencing includes video conferencing, web conferencing, internet telephone conferencing, and augmented reality (AR) conferencing.

● Video conferencing

Video conferencing (or video conferencing) is the conduct of a video meeting between two or more people in separate locations via computer networks to transmit audio and video data.

At its simplest, video conferencing provides the transmission of text and images between two people. At its most sophisticated, it provides the transmission of high quality audio and video images between multiple geographically distributed people.

Part 2. Difference between teleconferencing and video conferencing

● Relationships

From the above definition we can easily see that teleconferencing is used as a covered term which includes video conferencing. Both video conferencing and teleconferencing support one-to-one or many-to-many conferencing for the purpose of real-time communication and collaboration across a telecommunications system.

● Differences

1. Teleconferencing is voice or audio-video communication, while video conferencing supports conferencing by providing both video and voice, so that you can absolutely see the person when you are listening to the communicator.

2. Teleconferencing is capable of transmitting data during the conference using traditional PBX or VoIP systems while video conferencing offers VoIP services. The formal is less bandwidth intensive, while the latter is heavily dependent on network broadband.

3. In addition to the audio and video data transmitted during the conference that teleconferencing can provide, video conferencing can also allow you to share more information such as files, applications, whiteboard and so on.

In this article, we have elaborated on the difference between video and teleconferencing in detail. In recent years, video conferencing is starting to front up to teleconferencing for most businesses. However, it’s still up to you to choose a video conferencing tool like ezTalks or an audio meeting system for your business. High quality voice and video, sharing more information, safer conversation and money invested – all these points should be considered when making your decision.

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