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Most users are quite doubtful about differentiating the two issues, many think that both are the same thing, as some services for more lay users offer a direct connection between the domain and the hosting server.

But what is a domain anyway?

Domain is the registration of a name, which is used to connect your website to your hosting through a word or sequence of characters in order to facilitate access to your website through an internet browser.

What is Hosting?

Unlike the domain, which only links your website to be accessed through a word or sequence of characters, hosting is like an online space reserved for your website on the internet, it is through it that you store the files that keeps your site up.

There are different types of plans on HostGator for different types of issues that you need to host. According to your project or business plan, there may be advantages or disadvantages in each contracting model, therefore, before choosing your hosting plan, measure how much server you will need and what compatibilities it needs to have for its operation to be smooth. as expected.

  • How to change the main hosting domain
  • You can request to change the main hosting domain as long as the new domain is registered and active .Unable to change primary domain for 
  • WordPress Plans and 
  • sites created using Website BuilderThis process 
  • does not change a domain name registration , it just changes the main domain name linked to the hosting plan.
  • Before requesting the change, check:
  • ✓ If you have P or Plus Plans , skip to step 2;
  •  If you have anM, Turbo or Business Plan, the domain must not be added in cPanel (hosting panel) – if it is and with content (site files and email), make a backup and then remove this domain from cPanel;
  • If you wish, follow the step-by-step:
  • 1In the Customer Portal , in the top menu, click on Support
  • twoThen click on Open New Ticket
  • 3On the “call opening” screen, fill in the information as indicated :
  • (A) Which product/service do you want support for?: select the plan you want to change the primary domain
  • (B) Sector: check the Technical Support option
  • (C) What is your need?: select the Change Primary Domain option
  •  If you have aReseller, VPS or Dedicated plan, the domain must be added to the plan. Check out how to add a domain on hosting ;
  • In the video below, check out how to open a ticket requesting the change of your primary domain: 

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