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To begin with, it’s important to know the concept of email marketing. You know those messages that appear in our inbox with offers, promotions and celebrations? They are part of the e-mail marketing strategy of the brands we consume. The goal is to create a nice relationship with customers. It is important to emphasize that the concept of “what is e-mail marketing” goes beyond “offering products and services in the digital environment”, this tool generates more sales and, of course, helps with customer retention.

How to create an email marketing?

Want to start your email marketing strategy and don’t know where to start? We’ll teach you how!

Have you heard of companies that offer tools at low cost and with many features? This is the most recommended way to start doing email marketing campaigns, especially if you want to do everything yourself. These solutions usually offer ready-to-use design projects and dynamic dashboards that send emails in a few clicks. This means you don’t need to hire an IT person to design and send the email. For this, we recommend Locaweb Email Marketing to start doing email marketing.

Email Marketing Locaweb: first steps

Now that you already know exactly which tool to choose to create an email marketing, we will provide you with a very simple step-by-step to start your submissions today!

1. Hire Email Marketing on the Locaweb website ;

2. Create a login and password and access the tool’s control panel;

3. Configure shipping settings;

This step is essential to start using the tool, it will serve to define the sender email (responsible for sending) and also the configuration of the own domain .

4. Create and import contact list;

Afterwards, it would be nice for you to import a list of contacts into the panel. You have the option of creating a file in Notepad (.txt) or in Excel (in .csv, .xls or .xlsx formats) .

After creating the file in the correct format, just import! For more details on this process, just check out this other article .

5. Create the messages;

Saved Templates
Save a pre-made and personalized email template to use in future sends;

Import URL
If the intended content to be uploaded is already hosted on a specific page, choose this option to paste the URL and import the HTML content.

6. Check the shipping reports

See the reports and track the results of your campaign as a way to measure results, correct errors and set new goals.

So, let’s start doing email marketing?


With plans starting at BRL 31.41/month, you have:

Classification of contacts
Contacts classified according to the engagement and interaction of the emails sent.

Email layout for commemorative dates
Consult the tool’s suggestions and schedule your sendings.

Customizable fields
Customize your submissions with name, date or other information.

Test delivery
Before sending your campaigns, preview what your delivery will look like.

Data to analyze your campaigns without complications.

Email Marketing Creator
Create and customize your messages or use one of our ready-made templates.

Choose your submissions by type of behavior.

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