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The social network is one of the resources most used by a large part of the population to access online content and interact with people. Therefore, it has become an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to be connected and organizations that want to leverage their business. But do you know which are the most used social networks in Brazil?

To answer this question, we prepared a ranking with the 15 most used social networks in Brazil , such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and much more. We also list a series of important tips on how to choose the best social network for your usage profile. Check out!

What is a Social Network?

Social networks are virtual spaces in which users interact with each other based on common interests or values. These users can be individuals or companies and organizations interested in promoting their brands and products.

Increasingly, new social networks have become a space for the production and dissemination of varied content, such as sharing photos, videos, images and texts . In addition to personal use, there are several people investing in professional use of these platforms. 

How to Choose the Best Social Network

When comparing different platforms, you need to consider important characteristics such as types of social networks based on the main media used, available features, device compatibility, number of active users, paid version and ads. See details below!

Evaluate Network Popularity Based on Number of Users

To know if a network is popular, nothing better than considering the number of active users. These numbers are provided by the companies themselves, but are available if you search the internet. Social networks with billions of users are considered the giants of the segment .

There are smaller networks, but also very active. They can reach millions of users because they are more targeted to specific niches , such as news or literature, for example. It is worth remembering that some networks have many active users outside Brazil, such as the United States and China.

As these statistics change every year, we present the approximate numbers of active users released by social networks and institutions that conduct research on the subject annually. So, see the comparison table in order to get a general idea of ​​the size of these services.

Also Consider Social Network Search Volume

A good way to assess how popular a social network is is through the volume of searches it has on Google . From this, it is possible to have an idea of ​​how much users are interested in the platforms, indicating which are the most used social networks.

This volume is accounted for over a certain period by platforms such as Ubersuggest and Keyword Stuff. Thus, based on the data obtained, we, at mybest, classify the popularity of these social networks as high, medium or low , so that you can better visualize this information.

To give you an idea of ​​the popularity, monthly searches by Brazilian internet users for the largest social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp vary between 13 and 60 million. Per month, it is estimated that YouTube receives more than 800 million daily hits worldwide.  

Keep an eye on the average monthly time Brazilians spend on the social network

Another important criterion when ranking the most used social networks is to check the average time people spend on these platforms. With these data, it is possible to analyze how much these social networks occupy the lives of Brazilians .

For this, we bring you data from the Digital In report prepared by the We Are Social portal. According to him, users usually spend between 13 and 20 hours a month on the most used social networks like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

We emphasize that the data reported in the ranking tables refer to accesses in the year 2022. In addition, we selected the average monthly access time of the most used social networks in Brazil in that year. See the information in our ranking table. 

Choose Social Media Type According to Your User Profile

Before signing up for a social network, consider your user profile. There are platforms aimed at publishing different media such as photos, videos, texts, instant messages or platforms for professional use. Understand the differences:

  • Photos: social networks where you can share photos in albums or in temporary publications.
  • Videos: dissemination of short or long-term videos, which can vary from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the platform.
  • Texts: networks that support the publication of texts with a few characters or entire books.
  • Instant messaging: applications aimed at instant communication between users, such as messaging or voice and video calls.
  • Professional: platforms for job search or expansion of professional contact networks.

Choose a social network that fits the type of interaction you are looking for at that moment. There are hybrid networks, in which it is possible to share photos, videos and texts on the same platform. Specific networks, such as professional networks, can be ideal for those looking for something in a segment.

Know the Advantages of the Main Functionalities

Functionalities are developed to make life easier for users. There are platforms that have several integrated facilities. Others have limited resources, but invest their time in improving existing tools. Discover some of the most important features :

  • Private messages: also known as Direct Messages (DM), these are messages that can be sent privately to a user of the social network. It’s a resource that allows you to create closer interactions.
  • Voice messages: are sent privately and instantly by recording your voice. Voice messages usually have a maximum duration time, which varies from seconds to several minutes.
  • Voice and video calls: allow real-time calls that can be individual (2 people) and even group calls on some platforms.
  • Create open and closed groups: Open groups are communities of common interest that anyone is allowed to join. Closed groups are moderated and can only be accessed by invitation.
  • Lives: this is an online and live audio and video transmission, which is usually open to interested people and can be recorded or not to be re-watched by network users.

Evaluate the features according to your personal or professional use needs. Social networks with various audiovisual resources, such as the possibility of live transmissions, are ideal for those who want to monetize online content. As for those directed to photos, they may have more personal use.

Find out on Which Devices the Social Network is Available

Social networks can be accessed in different ways. Nowadays, there are dozens of applications that can be downloaded from the app stores of your mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets . These versions tend to be more compact and may even have a simplified interface.

It is also possible to access your social networks through your browser (like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, for example). In addition, there is the possibility of downloading the desktop application and accessing the contents of the network without the need for a browser , an alternative for computers.

For Exclusive Benefits, Consider Becoming a Subscriber

Although it is still not so common, some social networks already invest in paid versions of their platforms. By paying for the service, you have access to some benefits for subscribers or affiliates, such as extra content, ad-free content and even exclusive tools and features .

If you work with online content production or use social networks to promote your business , consider investing in paid versions that offer benefits to your subscribers. It is a trend for platforms to invest in this model as an alternative to a more professional use of the platform.

Invest in Paid Ads to Promote Your Page

This tip applies mainly to businesses, brands or influencers who use social media professionally . Paid ads are an excellent way to leverage your page and get more hits, in addition to accessing specific niches of people.

Some social networks only make this feature available for business accounts . In others, this feature is accessible to everyone who wants to boost ads. To publicize your profile on the networks, nothing better than investing in a good marketing campaign.

Top 15 Best Social Networks

Now that you know what aspects to consider when comparing different platforms, discover our selection of the best social networks for sales, companies and personal use. To compare the platforms, we took into account the criteria mentioned above. See in detail!

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