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WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. According to W3 Techs , the platform represents 64.2% of the CMS market. It is used to create and edit websites, blogs and online stores, including by major brands such as Playstation and BBC America.

With that in mind, we selected the 10 best WordPress hosting available today, highlighting sites like Hostinger, Hostgator, Locaweb and more. We’ve also prepared a guide that will help you choose the ideal platform to host your website, considering aspects such as an SSL certificate. Check out!

What Are the Types of Website Hosting?

Before we get into the main subject of this article, that is, hosting for WordPress, it is important to clarify that there are different types of hosting for websites . Next, we will explain a little about the main types of existing hosting and for which situation each one is indicated.

  • Free Hosting: ideal  for beginners looking for a platform to get a project off the ground. It has limited features and supports low amount of traffic and files.
  • Shared Hosting: the most used type of hosting, as it is the most affordable. Ideal for small businesses and personal websites. As it has server resources shared with other users, it has limitations.
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server): suitable for medium-sized websites, e-commerces and blogs with a large number of visitors, supporting large amounts of traffic and data. 
  • Cloud hosting: uses several virtual servers to host the websites, ensuring uninterrupted operation and avoiding downtime. Ideal for large websites, online stores and businesses with multiple sites.
  • Dedicated Hosting: has a physical server for each website, offering total control and customization. Ideal for large companies, it is the most expensive hosting option, also requiring technical knowledge.

In addition to the different types of hosting for websites (also called hosting or host) mentioned, there are exclusive hosting for specific platforms, such as WordPress. In the next topic, we will present the differences between hosting for websites in general and hosting for WordPress.

What is the difference between Website Hosting and WordPress Hosting?

Unlike the hosts mentioned in the topic above, the best WordPress hosts offer a server environment with optimized resources for this CMS . This optimization guarantees advantages, such as fast loading of the site and minimization of possible problems.

In addition, WordPress hosting makes it possible to create and customize professional websites, even for those who are not programmers or web designers . They provide practical and easy-to-use features, without requiring in-depth knowledge of codes and programming.

Here, you will find the best WordPress hosting, but to find out about other options for websites in general, click on the link below!

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

Deciding which WordPress hosting is best for your website or blog may not be such a simple task. There are numerous existing options, so we selected some criteria to help you in your choice, such as storage space, security, availability of specialized support and more .

One of the most important points to pay attention to when choosing the best WordPress hosting is the storage space offered. In this sense, it is essential to evaluate both the value in GB and the type of disk, giving preference to hosting with SSD storage .

A good SSD storage space ensures not only more memory to store data, but also the optimization of the performance and speed of the site, essential criteria for a good position in Google . WordPress hosting offers from 10 GB to unlimited storage space.

Uptime is the uptime of the website, that is, the time that your website remains up and running on the web, without being offline. Therefore, the best WordPress hosts are those that guarantee at least 99.8% uptime, providing greater stability .

Uptime value is an important criterion for providing the best possible user experience . If your site has instabilities, this can negatively affect the user experience and, consequently, hinder your conversions and attracting potential customers or readers.

Hire WordPress Hosting that Allows Bulky Traffic

Traffic on a website is related to the number of supported visitors and the amount of data exchanged between the server and the user . Therefore, each type of site demands more or less traffic resources, depending on its purpose and received audience.

Static company websites require less processing as they generally receive less traffic. Dynamic websites or blogs, with frequently updated content and a greater number of visitors, including peak times, require greater processing demands.

In our ranking of the best WordPress hosting, traffic capacity ranges from 10,000 visitors to unlimited monthly traffic. To avoid overloads and instabilities, it is important to keep in mind the current traffic demand of your site and how much you intend to achieve in a given time.

Analyze the Number of Domains and Emails that Can Be Hosted

When choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website, look at how many domains can be hosted on the . Domain or domain is the address of your website, and this number varies greatly, ranging from 1 domain to unlimited domains per server, depending on the chosen service. Choose according to your purposes.

Also, evaluate how many email accounts are allowed by hosting. This also varies a lot, depending on the hosting and the contracted plan, with plans offering only one email, while others offer unlimited email accounts. Evaluate the best cost-benefit for you!

WordPress Hosting with SSL Certificate Is More Secure

The best WordPress hosting plans usually include a free SSL certificate in their plans. This certificate provides greater security in the exchange of data between users and the server , encrypting all information and only decoding it when it arrives at the user’s computer.

The SSL certificate is identified by the presence of the padlock in the website address bar and by the HTTPS protocol . Recommended by major sites such as Google and Facebook, SSL makes web browsing safer, protecting extremely important information, such as passwords and bank details.

Opt for WordPress Hosting with Expert Support 24/7

Especially if you are new to using WordPress, it is important to choose a hosting that guarantees good technical support. In this sense, choose a WordPress hosting that offers specialized support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week , because you never know when unforeseen events will occur.

Most companies provide support only for matters related to website hosting. However, there are those that offer support for the most varied themes, including giving tips for customizing WordPress, settings, installing plugins, among other subjects .

The More Extra Features, The Better for Your Site

In addition to the basic criteria presented, each company can offer different features in WordPress hosting . These features further optimize the functioning of the sites. Here are the most common extra features offered by hosting companies:

  • Automatic updates: eliminates the need to perform updates manually whenever new versions of WordPress are released, usually every 4 months.
  • Regular backups: saves your content periodically, preventing further damage in case of possible unforeseen events on the site.
  • Premium themes and plugins: Some WordPress hosts offer exclusive themes and plugins for free for customers.
  • Version Control: Allows you to save versions of your website. It is useful for testing changes without worrying about losing the previous version of the site. 
  • Extra security: among the main features offered are scanning to track viruses and malware, as well as preventing attacks and intrusions. 

When choosing the best WordPress hosting, carefully check all the extra features offered by the company before hiring it. The more resources, the more possibilities to optimize your website, ensuring a good experience for users , whether customers or readers.

View WordPress Hosting Satisfaction Score on Trustpilot

In addition to evaluating the various features offered by WordPress hosting, another factor that can help you choose is the score that the service received on Trustpilot , a site founded in 2007 with the aim of evaluating services in terms of reliability .

In this portal, several users share their experiences with companies and give a score from 0 to 5 stars for the services and care provided. The best WordPress hosts have ratings above 4.5 stars! And, in the ranking, we organize this information for you to compare easily.

Evaluate the Prices and Plans Available on the Platform

To ensure the best value for money, compare the different prices of each accommodation and make a relationship with the features offered. The best WordPress hosts offer a good amount of useful features for affordable prices , providing balanced plans.

Also check the payment methods for each plan and the currency accepted by the company. Many sites only accept dollars , while others can be paid in reais. Choose the most practical and functional one for your goals. 

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting

Now that you know the main criteria to evaluate, check out which are the best WordPress hosting that we have selected for you. Don’t forget to access all the links to see more information and details about each company. See below!

Best WordPress Hosting in Uptime

DreamHost is a company located in the USA, with 25 years of experience in the website hosting market. Recommended by, it offers 3 hosting versions for the CMS: WordPress Basic, DreamPress and VPS for WordPress, each with different plan options .

A great option among the best WordPress hosting, it has an excellent rating on the Trustpilot website. In addition to performance optimized by features and plugins, according to the company’s website, DreamHost offers 100% uptime, guaranteeing complete stability in uptime .

It has great cost-benefit with plans starting at $1.99 (dollar) . However, before hiring one of the WordPress hosting versions, do not forget to check as much detail as possible about the different plans offered, through the link to the official website. 

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