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Applications for editing videos allow you to easily create movies on your cell phone, even with professional quality. They are a great choice for anyone looking to post their creations to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms, or just build up their skills.

There are numerous options for apps of this type available in the Android and iOS virtual stores. For you to choose the ideal one, we will present the most important features offered by them and also a ranking, with the 10 best applications to edit videos  like InShot, VivaVideo and VideoShow. Enjoy the tips!

How to Choose the Best Video Editing App

Does that video editor app, full of functions, run on my smartphone? Will I have to pay to enjoy all the features? What effect does it allow to add? To make great creations and attract large audiences, consider the factors below before downloading and installing a program.

① Identify the OS Supported by the Video Editing App

It’s very frustrating to like a video editing app and find that it doesn’t work on your devices, isn’t it? The compatibility of the app to edit videos with your smartphone’s operating system is the first thing you should look into.

The good news is that most apps are available for both Android and iOS , but it’s possible to find apps exclusive to 1 of them. So stay tuned! Another important tip is to check the required operating system version to find out if it will run well on your devices. 

② Check What Features Are Available in the Free Version

In online stores there are numerous applications with great effects and resources for you to edit videos with professional quality through your smartphone screen. There are apps available with both free and paid plans and it’s important to decide which one is best for you.

  • Free : they offer resources for editing common videos, but with good quality . Access is unlimited and there are no fees. They are recommended for amateurs or for personal use.
  • Premium: plan with features and effects for professional video editing , with advantages such as no ads and creation of long videos, which are not offered in the free plan. It is ideal for content producers and professionals. It requires a monthly or annual payment.
  • Free to try: Although they are rare in video apps, this plan offers a free trial period to experience the high-quality editing effects. After a while, you have to hire a paid plan to use the app. 

A good tip to boost the production of your videos is to bet on video editing apps with in-app purchases . With them you can buy effects, remove watermarks and access other interesting features. They are sold separately, without purchasing a plan. 

③ Prefer Apps without Duration Limit for Final Video

As we said before, certain free video editing apps may have certain usage limitations, including the length of the video . This becomes a problem for anyone who needs to edit recordings that are several minutes long, such as party or wedding videos, for example.

The limit varies from application to application. You can find free options that create videos under 2 minutes or up to 30 minutes in length . To unlock this feature, you need to purchase a paid plan. In this case, it is worth weighing the pros and cons and deciding whether such an investment is worth making.

If you deal with short videos, recordings for Instagram and sharing on WhatsApp, this certainly won’t be a problem. But, if you want to create productions to post on YouTube, or to use professionally,  it’s necessary to choose an app that doesn’t have this limitation .

④ See if App Saves Watermarked Video in Free Plan

It’s common to find  free video editing apps with a watermark in the final production , which can be the program’s logo or some advertising from the company that produced it. This detracts from the appearance of the work, which is not recommended if you are making a professional video.

We recommend investing in a free app without this feature for those who need to save money . If you can invest a little more, it’s worth purchasing a Premium plan to remove the watermark and access other benefits. Another option is to purchase this feature separately within the app itself. 

⑤ Prefer Video Editing Apps with Good Ratings

To find out if the app for editing videos is really good, it’s worth checking the reviews on the virtual stores. There, you can check useful information from other users who have installed the app , such as features, operation and possible bugs that occur.

Another criterion that indicates quality is the app ratings assigned by users in virtual stores, which range from 1 to 5 stars. Apps with 4 or more stars guarantee smooth operation . Check the ranking table for the average scores available on the App Store and Google Play stores. 

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