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Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in 2023 (Lightroom Pixrl & More)

How to Choose the Best Photo Editing App

To choose the best app to edit photos, you need to pay attention to some details. A simpler interface and professional effects are the two points that make the most difference in an application. See our tips below!

① Check if Photo Editing App Has Basic Functions

Applications for editing photos on cell phones are very similar in their basic functions, essential for any editing. Tools such as cropping, exposure adjustment (brightness, contrast, shadow) and color adjustment (hue, saturation) are present in virtually all editing applications .

For the cropping function, ideally, the application allows free cropping. This makes it easier to define what will be left out of your image without having to follow a programmed cropping pattern. Having an application to edit photos on your cell phone with these simple functions can be enough if you just want to retouch your image.

② Check Out Other Functions That Make Room for Creativity

In addition to the basic functions, apps to edit photos on your cell phone also have a series of tools to modify your image. They allow your photo to be unique, fun and even more beautiful! See below what the functions of filters, stickers, collage and others are for!

Photo Filters: Enable Quick Editing

Filters have revolutionized the way of editing photos, as they are very practical to use. For those who don’t want to waste time, or don’t have experience with exposure and color settings, just apply a filter and that’s it! Your image takes on a totally different and even cinematic touch .

There are several styles of filters, such as monochrome, vintage and vibrant colors . Each of them creates a different background for your image. Most mobile photo editors have filters ready to use, but in others, you can create your own filter and save it to use in another edition .

Stickes and Retouches: to Make Pictures Fun and Fix Small Defects

In addition to filters, effects have also been very successful, especially for younger audiences. With them, you can insert objects, stickers (stickers) or a new frame to your image . So you can leave it in a totally unique way!

Some effects even allow you to create a caricature, a drawing or a real work of art from your photo. They are also a lot of fun and suit any age. Use the abuse of your creativity to get fun images and according to your style!

Collage: Gather Your Best Photos in One Place

Imagine putting together several photos of a special moment, or several moments in just one image ? With the collage tool, you can do just that! A mobile photo editor that features this function provides many possibilities and opens up space for creativity.

Define the shape of the images, such as circles, rectangles, or squares. Choose the way the images will be distributed, add margins and text if you want. This type of tool is very useful for anyone who wants to pay tribute to someone by gathering their best photos together .

Face, Body & Other Adjustments: Make Your Selfie Perfect

In addition to the functions mentioned above, photo editing apps also allow for other types of adjustments . Did you take a beautiful selfie but have a pimple on the bridge of your nose? With just one tap on the screen, you can remove it. See below for some more features that mobile photo editors have.

  • Face adjustments: with a few taps on the screen it is possible to remove spots, pimples, lighten or refine the face. Some apps let you remove red eye and add makeup or new hair.
  • Body Tweaks: These tweaks allow you to lengthen, slim, or enlarge any part of your body, such as your waist, hips, and legs. 
  • Background Blur: With this feature, you can blur the background of the image to focus on yourself or another object in the image.
  • Background/Object Removal: In addition to blurring, some apps allow you to remove the background of the photo and even add another scenario. You can also remove objects or people. 
  • Photo Overlay: With this feature, you can superimpose one image over another to create a different effect. For example, if the image is smaller and you want to create a story for Instagram, this is a cool feature to use. 

Despite so many resources to make your photo/selfie more perfect, remember that some features are natural and you don’t need to remove them, such as spots on the skin, cellulite and others. Use the best app to edit photos focusing on what’s most beautiful in you ! 

③ Extra Features Offer Possibilities Beyond Photo Editing

Some photo editor applications have the functions mentioned above, but have special features. These apps are very useful for those who want more complete apps that do a lot in one place. For example, a mobile photo editor that can also edit videos increases its usability .

Other features are sharing photos directly from the application to your social networks , making it much easier to publish them. Finally, some apps for editing photos have their own community, where you can share your photos with other users of the app.

Although less common, it is possible to find a photo editor for Android or iOS with professional features , such as Photoshop. However, they tend to take up more of the device’s internal memory, in addition to charging fees for such resources. See which features are essential for you when choosing the best photo editing app!

④ Check if Your Smartphone Has Enough Memory to Download the App

Smartphones are part of our lives and they contain many important features and applications, such as transportation, banking and also social networks. However, all apps end up taking up memory on the cell phone and this can slow it down a little .

When choosing the best app to edit photos on your cell phone, check the memory it will occupy on your device. There are simpler and lighter applications , which occupy up to 130 MB . However, apps with many resources can occupy more than 200 MB of memory. Pay attention to this detail!

⑤ See if the App is Free or Need Subscription

Virtually all photo editing applications available on Google Play and the App Store are free to download. However, be aware of the specifications of each one of them, to avoid surprises. Check if the app requires some kind of subscription  or if it’s a free trial version.

For basic purposes, the free version is sufficient. Most apps sell the tools individually , so if you want something more elaborate just buy the premium features within the app. However, for professional use, or to remove watermarks that the free version places, it is worth investing in the premium version!

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