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If you’ve ever been through the despair of losing all your data when changing computers or losing your smartphone, you know how useful it is to have everything saved in cloud storage. In addition to the files being in a safe place, the memory limit is infinitely higher and you can create a shared folder.

For anyone looking for a free or professional option and don’t know where to start, this is the right place! We have top 10 best cloud storage for businesses and individuals like service from Google, Amazon and Mega. But first, what is cloud storage and how does it work?

What Is Cloud Data Storage?

Cloud storage works as a kind of virtual memory, where you store your files without taking up space on your physical device . It’s the ideal solution for not having to buy a pen drive or an external HD when the computer’s internal memory is full.

The main advantage of having cloud storage for business or personal use is having access to files from anywhere in the world with an internet connection . The limit varies depending on the service and subscription plan, and they offer extra features such as interacting with other users.

Even if you choose free cloud storage, the level of security will be high, as most platforms use encryption to prevent intrusion. Some redouble this protection with advanced security technology. Learn more about what cloud storage is below!

How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage

In addition to looking at the price of cloud storage, you should consider compatibility with your devices, storage and user limits , and whether you can integrate with work tools. Find out now how to choose the best cloud storage!

① Search Whether the Service Is Available for All Your Devices

Before searching for the cheapest or most complete cloud storage, it is important to check if the service is available for the devices you use. Most of them have a web version, a desktop program, and an app for Android and iOS devices .

It is common to download cloud storage services for business and personal use for Windows and macOS, but not all are available for Linux . In the case of platforms with a browser extension , it is possible to save images from the internet directly through it, saving time.

② Choose the Right Cloud Storage Limit for Your Need

After knowing if the service offered is compatible with your mobile devices and computers, you should research the maximum limit offered. In free cloud storage options , this amount can vary from 2 to 20 GB , which is usually enough for intermediate users.

As for professionals and students, you can consider investing in a cheaper cloud storage with 150 GB, or a more complete one with 10 PB . In a few cases, you can find unlimited cloud storage, or with a negotiable limit.

③ Explore Subscription Plans for Personal, Family or Professional Use

Most platforms offer a free cloud storage plan for personal use, with a lower memory limit. But, if you want, you can expand this space by purchasing an individual, family or business subscription .

The advantage of having a specific plan for different audiences is that each plan offers interesting features . One of them is the possibility of adding more people and integrating useful work tools, as you will see below.

In all cases, the subscription can be billed monthly, annually or in a lump sum . There are often discounts for annual plans, which is interesting for anyone looking for cheap cloud storage to implement in the company.

④ Check the Cloud Storage Subscription Participant Limit

In business or family plans , it is common to be able to include more than one user in the same cloud storage account. Thus, you can share and receive files, select which users can access the same document , and even save on the subscription plan.

The most complete cloud storage plans for companies allow you to add more than 500 users. If you need it, you can find unlimited plans  where the subscription price and storage space are calculated per user. 

⑤ Discover What Integration Options Are Available

Mainly for professional use, being able to integrate cloud storage with other applications will make your day to day much easier. Some allow you to synchronize files from the Office Suite and Google Workspace, and send them to Trello, Zoom, Slack and other work tools.

Some even allow you to create online files directly on the platform, as is the case with Google Drive . It is possible to create documents in Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations, already moving to a folder. It’s an interesting differentiator that can be found even in cheap cloud storage .

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