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If you are a digitally active person, you have certainly heard about the dangers that viruses can bring to your digital life. This inconvenience can cause privacy and even financial damage, so installing a good antivirus on your computer is essential to live safely.

In the market, there are several options available, and you can choose between free and paid antivirus from brands like Avast, Kaspersky and Avira. Don’t worry if the differences confuse you, in this article we have everything you need to know to make the perfect choice, plus a  top 10 best antivirus . Check out!

What is an Antivirus and what is it for?

Antivirus is an essential program for every computer, as it will protect the machine from different types of threats . Additionally, this software periodically performs full scans, ensuring that any suspicious applications or files are identified and removed.

Currently, it is increasingly easy for hackers to create viruses without the need for large supports, which are used to steal information and even commit crimes over the internet. In this sense, installing a good antivirus will significantly reduce the chances of suffering infections.

Therefore, the antivirus will allow you to browse the internet with more peace of mind , offering more security when downloading and logging in to public networks and even using USB sticks, without worrying so much about suspicious files and websites. So don’t give up that security in your everyday life.

How to Choose the Best Antivirus

It was quite clear the importance of installing an antivirus, isn’t it? But before choosing yours, know that there are a number of specifications to be considered so that your choice is as suitable as possible. Below, we explain each one of them to help you make the best decision. Check out!

① Free or Paid Antivirus? Keep an Eye on the Protection Level

It is normal that when looking for a program you prefer to look for free options. However, in general, free antiviruses offer less protection  than paid versions. This is because the free versions usually detect little malware and do not provide good extra features, although this is not a rule.

So, if possible, remember to consider paid antiviruses, as some of them are affordable for most consumers . But, if it is not possible to invest in these options, be sure to install a free antivirus, which will offer much more protection than going without.

② The Better the Antivirus, the More Types of Malware are Detected

The word malware means malicious software, that is, programs that serve to infect the computer with some type of virus. When installed, they infiltrate in different ways with the aim of capturing data. See below the main malware that current antiviruses usually detect .

  • Trojan Horse:  It is an old and well-known virus that invades the computer by disguising itself as a common and legitimate program . Through it, hackers can have remote access to your machine, steal information and cause harm to users.
  • Spyware: are spy programs used to collect your information and the activities you perform on your machine and on the internet. It gets installed on your computer without you noticing.
  • Worms: is a malware that  acts by creating copies of itself and propagating very quickly in different parts of the system and even in devices through messages, files, pendrives, among others. The purpose is to collect data from victims.
  • Ransomware: is a virus used by hackers to “hijack” the victim’s computer and then charge money for the ransom . It encodes your operating system’s data in the background, and in the end, you lose access to your machine and your data.

In addition to these, there are numerous other malware in the virtual environment, such as rootkits and keyloggers, all acting maliciously to collect all kinds of information from victims. So, the more malware the antivirus is able to detect, the better the protection .

③ Prefer Antivirus with Extra Features

In addition to protecting against different types of malware, a good antivirus will also provide you with a series of extra features to make your digital life even safer and more practical . Check below the most commonly found options, and what you should look for when buying.

  • Parental control:  feature that allows you to control the digital activity of children , blocking websites and undue content, in addition to providing monitoring of the time of use of computers and cell phones.
  • Webcam and microphone protection:  essential these days, this feature prevents hackers and malicious programs from accessing your webcam and microphone without you noticing to spy.
  • Password Storage : Create strong, complex passwords and store them securely so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.
  • Anti-phishing and anti-fraud: concerns protection against programs that try to steal confidential information linked to financial entities , such as credit cards and bank details.
  • Firewall: Prevents unauthorized inbound connections through your network or computer systems, decreasing the chance that malicious users can access your computer remotely.
  • Encryption: increases the security of your data and allows you to browse the internet anonymously , without hackers having access to your information, as it will be encrypted.
  • Email protection: controls and protects all files and links against  fraud attempts to your email , reducing the risk of infections.

The list of features that the best antiviruses on the market can offer is quite extensive, and may also contain functions such as ad blocker, VPN, private browsing, among others. Therefore, keep an eye on all available resources , after all, protection is never too much.

④ Antivirus with Performance Optimizer Make Your Digital Life Easier

Some antiviruses, both free and paid, are quite heavy and can compromise the performance of computers with more modest configurations . In these cases, installing an antivirus can make your computer even slower, even failing to perform some functions.

As this is not desired, a good option is to choose an antivirus that has a performance optimization function. In this way, the program itself optimizes the functioning of your computer through a system scan. Interesting, isn’t it?

⑤ Check License Time and Choose According to Your Interest

Usually, when buying an antivirus, you can choose between a 1, 2 or 3 year license. This license refers to the time the program will protect your machine. Therefore, after this period, it will be necessary to renew the subscription, paying the updated value of the package .

The longer the license period, obviously, the more expensive the plan will be. However, if you are already sure that a certain antivirus will be better for you, signing up for a 2 or 3 year license may be more advantageous  than paying 2 or 3 times the annual license fee.

⑥ Check How Many and Which Devices Antivirus Can Protect

Most antivirus brands already offer programs that protect more than one device. That way, when you buy the software, you can install it on several devices , so that each one receives its own protection with the same benefits. It is ideal for families with more than 1 computer.

In general, brands offer different subscription options, ranging from 1 device to 10 or more, and users must choose the one that best suits their profile . Avast Premium Security antivirus, for example, can provide security for up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Still in this regard, it is also important to pay attention to the compatibility with the system. Some antiviruses are only available for Windows , while others include MacOS, Android and iOS, allowing installation even on smartphones. Pay attention to these details!

⑦ Choose an Antivirus that Allows Updates

With each passing day, new types of viruses and threats are created on the internet, which are enhanced to enter your system undetected. For this reason, it is essential that your antivirus is always up to date to protect you from different threats.

So, before buying your antivirus, check if it allows constant updates and even if it performs them automatically . If your license is short, also remember to renew on the correct date so as not to be caught by surprise and end up without protection

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