The Great Seljuk History Episode 1

The Great Seljuk History Episode 1 In English & Urdu This Is The Great Seljuk Empire Historical Article Series By What did Sultan Alp Arslan think when he was faced with an army three times larger than his own troops? Would the Byzantine emperor Romanos Diogenes be able to remove the Turkish threat? Romanos Diogenes, who became the emperor after his successful past in the Byzantine army, and Sultan Alp Arslan,

who was named as Father of Conquests, Emperor of the Great Seljuk EmpireLet’s see which of these two legendary commanders will give a glorious victory to their empire. In this episode, while experts of the subject are telling the historical process, the researcher Mecit Guven will show the characteristics of the armies,

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the armament of the weapons, the advantages and disadvantages of the soldiers. From the earliest periods of history, pretender of Anatolia was never missing. And two rulers could never have stayed in this fertile soil. This had been like that for centuries and would continue. When the Great Seljuk Empire, founded in 1037, reached to the Byzantine Empire borders only in 18 years,

everybody knew well about what was coming closer. Battle of the eagles! You can think of this war as a big title match. If the winner is Alp Arslan, the golden belt will change hands. Off course Byzantine would do everything humanly possible not to lose this battle. We are talking about the eastern wing of the the probably greatest civilization of history, Great Roman Empire.

They had to beat the Turks as a generation of descendants who were not accustomed to losing. The Seljuk Empire and the Byzantine Empire were quite in bad with each other. There were many combats between them, large and small, and now Byzantine could see that a great threat was approaching. But the empire was not as strong as it used to be.

Alp Arslan Episode 1 On History

This situation worried Empress Eudokia too much. Recently, the military structure of the empire had changed which was recruited its own citizens, and had changed to a system based on mercenaries. For this reason, the military tradition, which has provided winning great wars for centuries, has been lost in the hands of mercenary foreign troops. At that time, the Byzantine army,

which was deploying disorderly in Anatolia, could not protect their land and also they were plundering the towns which were under their protection to meet their needs. During war days, even in peace days, it would be such an army that you would at not trust. During the chaos periods, the most nonprotected points of the empires were the lands far from the center.

And in this weak period of the Byzantine Empire, there was a new enemy at the border of the east, which they would never want. Sultan Alp Arslan… Alp Arslan succeeded in coming to the throne in 1064 by eliminating his opponents after the death of the first Seljuk Sultan Tuğrul Bey. He grew up on very difficult conditions during of the Seljuk State.

This turned him into a fearless warrior and good commander. In the Seljuks military caste always dominated the state. If you did not have leadership skills and military skills, being a dynasty member was not enough reason to enter this system alone! In other words, Sultan Alp Arslan deserved this position until the end. After Alp Arslan came to the throne, a new era was beginning for both the Great Seljuk Empire and the Byzantine Empire. After putting the administrative work in way,

The Sultan started his preparations for the campaign as his first job. While sending some of his forces to the Byzantine territory, he campaigned to the Georgia with an army commanded by him. Alp Arslan’s intention was quite clear. By conquering Georgia, he would completely surround the Anatolian lands, and on the other hand, make the Byzantine Empire a hunted, ready-to-swallow, unresistant hunt with the attacks of the raiders.

A large part of the rangers was organized of cavalry. Each Turkish soldier was raising his own horse to be ready for war, and it was actually the biggest secret of their success. Their other features were their talents in shooting arrow; they were master riders and were able to shoot almost as if they were on the ground.

The brave raiders of Alp Arslan were storming through the eastern border of Byzantine. Empress Eudokia, who wanted to stop this bad situation, made a daring decision. The situation was very bad and she could not be able to handle it alone. Because of that, she decided to marry with someone who is talented and has military experience. It was a really risky move.

Eudokia took an oath not marrying with another man by will of her late husband, Emperor Ducas who died in 1067. If Eudokia backed down from this oath, she could face a lot of pressure and even lose her crown. But the Empress did not even think about losing her throne. That’s why she has destroyed this certificate which is about her loyalty to her husband.

There was no reason left not to marry no longer. Romanos Diogenes was the person Eudokia thought to marry by taking great risks. Diogenes, the member of a noble Cappadocian family, was a highly experienced commander who draws on the successes of the Byzantine army. But these developments that took place within a few months were quite interesting for the new emperor.

Because Romanos Diogenes attempted to gain the throne when Emperor Dukas died, but this attempt was prevented and he was arrested. Byzantine prominent families and senior commanders were against this marriage as well as Romanos Diogenes being an emperor. However, Eudokia realized this .marriage by taking everybody against her.

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Diogenes, who did not even think that he couldas a traitor, had met in 1068, the crown he dreamed and wanted. Also as an emperor who has the hopes of Byzantine. Sultan Alp Arslan thought that the borders of the state should expand westward. The Anatolian lands were fertile and on this side the Turks could find more suitable settlement areas. Because of this, the Sultan set his eyes on Eastern Anatolia which is inside the Byzantine borders.

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