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Sultan Salahuddin History Episode 2 I told you that these rocks are used by them to attack This is some kind of bricole In 13th century you can see that kind of rocks were used in these types of bricole or catapult I don’t know what is this, anyway they put rocks here and release it so it fell on the enemies at very long distance. how paths are made inside every side they made a place to shoot arrows,

this is closed now and here I’ll show you, this is also closed this is all made of stones very Precious. Sultan Salahuddin History Episode 2 See that is chamber for air system on this side come on this is very hude fort and it is all packed from above,

Sultan Salahuddin History Episode 2

we didn’t see any open place here you can see there are rooms inside rooms and halls inside halls. We climb some more stairs here. some more places are from here this is very strange fort. don’t know how they made it, Sultan Salahuddin History Episode 2 compilicated. There is a Mosque, ahead on that side. and here let’s see what’s on this side There is a system for rain water rain could came from every side, there is plant growing because of rain water Allah is the greatest. I’m seeing this type of fort frist time in my life, you can see down there how it is made layer by layer. see,

this is where we entered we entered from there. Light and air system is very strange. Sultan Salahuddin History Episode 2 You see here second floor of the fort there is outside watch that, there is also place for the archers soldiers stand there and shoot arrows show you from this side that what’s the atmosphere see this upper area, this is only place opened in this fort. It’s way was from there, there are stairs.

Sultan Salahuddin History Episode 2

I don’t know what they kept there. take you to place for offering prayers here place made for the prayers at that time is situated at this side in fort. This is Musallah come on it’s very huge, Let’s find the mahrab for Qiblah direction It’s very huge place for prayers. [ MashaAllah ] don’t know the direction of Qiblah here there is no sign presented for Qiblah but this wass the place to offer prayers Allah is the greatest,

let’s see from here also a place for shooting arrows, As you go up and up windows are getting bigger for air and sunlight, see this Allah is the greatest let’s ask the boys that they watched something like that before I thinks I watch this type of war fort first time in my life see this this is old place for ablution, They used to do ablution here now lights are on, see this there is small water pit here,

Sultan Salahuddin History Episode 2

and they did ablution while sitting in that stone Now I’m leaving from the place of prayers, you have watched that side already. now let’s go further This is the Fort Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi made in 1187 A.D Watch these stairs how big they are, I think 1 to 1.5 meters wide steps one or one and a half meters wide. Allah is the Greatest There are some more stairs going up. how was the water system here for showing that,

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this is the well here when the fort was closed what we showed you in the middle, you can see in video that open place, that was for the water, water was drawn up from there stones which are made here you can see on this side water stored here at that time. I’ll try to show you from here that how they bring water The place to fetch water was from this side system to bring water up here is there, you can see the stairs From here they used to bring water upstairs Inside the fort there are pools of stones on every side,

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you know that rock does not absorb water so water is stored easily. You watched that before in some videos So the water bring from there when the fort is closed because of war. ameer izzideen here inside here at this place, the chief who was ordered by Sultan Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi to build this fort this was the office or sitting area of the chief,

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