Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free

. Besides, I have good news for you, you know? Maybe it will cool your heart a little. Jericho. As you know, we haven’t heard from Jerkotoy for a while. We have received news about it. We have been looking for it for some time. We got word that he is in Lefka.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free
Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free

Now we will go to him. Thanks to Allah. Thank God, Usman May Allah protect his children. And let his descendants protect him. tell me now I await my news from you. tell me. This is the medicine that Alauddin brought to him from India. It’s proving to be healing for you, isn’t it? It proved to be good. It is good It is useful. I’m better than ever, don’t worry.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free

You are preaching good news. But you are hiding evil from him, Osman I heard what happened to Sultan Masood. A conflict would erupt, wouldn’t it? Conflict is always there, Bala We are engaged to prevent conflict. Don’t think about it Don’t think about it at all. Top You’re fine, aren’t you? Get out Bala, you’re fine, aren’t you? Go out Usman, go Stop, I’ll give you water.

Take this water Drink this water. Ladies, lady luck Come here and see Top Drink, drink water, be healed Be healed. Get out, Usman Bala Go out, go, Osman Bala go I will not go my dear Bala Go Osman what’s this? what’s this? what You said it’s okay. You said you are fine. Didn’t you tell me you were fine? I am fine What is this above? tell me what’s this? Not like before, I’m fine.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free

Don’t think about me A little more.. If you don’t want to sleep, we cover your mouth and nose. Let’s go Start with the name of Allah. Sardar’s order will not be repeated. We will do what Osman Sahib ordered. Bai Sungur, you are in charge of the soldiers’ clothing. Which is your command, prince. Nothing can stop me from fulfilling my purpose. If they will come before us. My goal is to break it.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free
Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free

He says that he spends his time in war during the day and reading books at night. So Alauddin is educated right? Although he is the youngest son, Usman Bey attaches great importance to his words. They say the mind is the cruelest sword. Let’s see who has the most cruel sword. Am I allowed to sing lady? come on When Hakim will leave the room. . The guards will be changed.

Then I will take you to the Sultan, echoed the lady Or what about Usman’s son Alauddin? We cannot allow the Sultan to meet him He will not be able to see the Sultan. He is now in his room. Guards are standing in front of the door. In the morning, they will be taken out of the palace empty-handed. The learner who told me he was smart turned out to be very stupid.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle

Let it wait. Bear with me, Holafra Bear with me Be patient Turhan Alp When they bring gold. We will leave immediately. Which is your command, my prince The food is ready and ready. Begin in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful. It smells very good. Come, my braves, sit down What is the purpose of declaring halal as haram?

If you want, we would share our food with you Asking is the work of the helpless and Han Sahib We take what we want without asking Today you set your sights on meat with pulao What will you set your sights on tomorrow? Let us know so we can hide it do you have Two castles and two clans All that you have we gift to our warriors the Cook Bring lassi for Mehmet Sahib

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free
Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free

He seems to be irritated by our victories To cool down a bit There is no need for it We are always happy when the children win Our struggle is not to be great All our efforts are for Jihad But because you are happy We are going to make you very happy Host him according to his majesty Orhan sir!

We will meet again I know very well why you have come to take this gold Let the sun rise, then you will see my greatness Come with me Gunja Khatun I will take you inside through the secret door what is this bro Let’s go in the name of Allah Sultan Masoud My Sultan! Osman Sahib is very sad about your condition. We left as soon as we got the news.

Awaiting your order I will do everything possible for your health I am already dead inside My Sultan Come closer! Come closer! To praise Inside is a map Take this map It is very secretive What is the map of my satan? It is a treasure Treasury of the Seljuk State I stuck it out for a long time From now on, it is entrusted to Usman Sahib Water Water Alauddin

sir My Sultan Spend your earnings on the poor No matter how long you live Eventually you have to die Some find their truth in this And some go astray I am grateful to the ants for teaching me this lesson You are all hungry Are you all hungry? Hazrat Sulaiman (peace be upon him) was our grandfather And the ant who asked him for a grain of wheat

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free
Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free

He was your grandfather It means that your sustenance is in my bag This is for others Who supported you in my path He has allocated sustenance for you in the bag Is that so? And those who close their eyes even after seeing How do they come? O Dervish!

Why are you sitting in the middle of the road like this? Don’t you see? We are in a hurry Everyone is running to reach their destination You and that creature too O Dervish! Storm just stop O Dervish! What creature are you talking about? not me… Rather, Allah Almighty has said about them in the Holy Quran. He says: (O Cheontius, enter your homes,

lest Solomon and his army crush you and they do not know). God Almighty sought refuge for these living beings from those whom He had given life to, even from our Prophet Solomon. And you let them go too Let them reach their destination Dervish what you say is true This path is henceforth the path of ants May Allah have mercy on you You showed us the truth thanks so much Soldiers!

We will go in this direction So that the rights of ants do not remain on us thank you sir! Those who show us what we could not see Say, O dervish, what is your name? We run in our name And you ask us, asking the same thing to run away from Suffice it to say that I am a helpless dervish thanks so much thanks so much Let’s go And you are running towards what you should be running from let’s go

The destination of this path is far away Who can go this way? There are many problems here Who can succeed? My father will be very happy to know that we have fulfilled this duty well Sultan Masood closed his eyes to this world and opened his eyes to the Hereafter Sultan Masood closed his eyes to this world and opened his eyes to the Hereafter Be careful! The protector of the Turkoman

tribes, the protector of the oppressed and the killer of the oppressors And the ruler of justice in Anatolia and the surrounding cities, Yaqub Sahib, the chief of the Gurmian and Oular clans. What does Sultan mean? Now where did it come from? Now we will know why we have been called here Peace be upon you and peace be upon you You are all curious Why has Yaqub Sahib brought us together?

We know Yaqoob, but… Our curiosity was piqued when your assistant spoke a few words We seek goodness in every evil Mubarakuddin’s son Ashraf Sahib I received news of Sultan Masood He is on his deathbed The sun of statehood is now about to set in Konya A dark night is about to descend on our country Sorry, sorry Do not say that the sun is going to shine on the enemy, Mr. Yaqoob

The sun will not rise on the enemy and the sun will not set on our homeland Gentlemen, that is why we are gathered here Konya surrendered to the Mongols, so the Sultan of the Turks must be one of the chieftains of Anatolia. Who will lead? We did not call ourselves Sultans for no reason I am nominating myself to lead my country These lands cannot live without a master Now I ask you,

O Turkoman chieftains When the time comes and I wear this fiery shirt We will be with you We are with you Mr. Yaqub – We are with you, Yaqoob Sahib – We are with you, Yaqoob Sahib The messenger will leave for the destination Let’s go on our journey Peace be upon you and peace be upon you

Messengers will come with orders And when the decree comes, all the chiefs will swear allegiance to me But first that! Lefke Castle! Soldiers, report to your superior Mr. Osman Sahib, the great chief of the Kai tribe, the protector of all Turkmens, has arrived hurry up!

Leave your swords, arrows and horses if you want to take your prisoner We will never lay down our swords Leave the horses and bows here As per your order sir open the door! Governor Zelon What should be served on your sudden visit, Mr. Osman?


My soldier Jerakutay is imprisoned by you I have brought you as much gold as you want. Now hand over the Jerkotoy to me Take this gold I have brought gold in exchange for my soldier We do not want bloodshed Jericho has arrived Jericho Jericho Jericho Jericho He is alive, he is alive

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