Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle Free

Savasci Warrior Alhan Haider, I swear you will kill people . Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle Bozok Order, Commander. Why haven’t you gone yet? I was going sir. Behold, the words of Kurlingich Pasha. It is important to keep men in headquarters, it is even more important to get them out of headquarters. Getting you out of the headquarters is also an issue. Commander York Haider had called. So?

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

His voice sounded strange Yes He even talked like he was going to take off his uniform. I called again but couldn’t get through, I’m a little worried about it. Hyder is a difficult man, Captain. I will call in the evening. Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle Is your car here? No sir Let me leave you too. PAKURDO.COM .You burned it, sir Everything is burning these days Halil Baba.

Savasci Warrior Kebabs everywhere. are you ok sir Halil, how many times will I tell you not to talk to me? Are we gentlemen? ok sir are you ok You look very worried. did something happen I’m fine, Halil Baba, I’m fine. I am fine Come on, Father Erinler, aren’t you hungry, son?

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

Come on Come, come, come. Let’s go to Kochler, come and take the pepper. Did you get it, son? Taken Commander Fine Tolga is fine son, why didn’t you take it?? Look at me, are you a vegetarian? tell the truth No, I’m not, sir. Halil Baba, are there any vegetarians in your company, Halil Baba? Huh? How will it work? My son is this world.

Everything in this world is empty. So I am going to give you advice. Open your ears. Coaches, there is only one honor in this world. Respect is everything. Otherwise there is no (beep).

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

So always keep your head up. Don’t let your neck hang down like a flag, son. If you want something, ask Allah. Don’t use it like this. Don’t thank the man. This. Is. What is the problem? In this world of three days Will you walk straight like a bird? Or will you crawl like a (beep) bug? Here is the problem. Hansomat, listen to your commander.

There is a lesson for you We had a broken Urick captain, he said. Well sir, where are you going? Halil Baba The court said that. This is how things are. One Haider comes, the other Haider goes, nothing to do here May Allah be my witness I have a small Kagan at home. As much as a finger, but I swear I loved you the way I loved him. I’m Haider Bozkert, aka York Haider. Son in my life I never slept so soundly as I did on the mountain Therefore Honor, rank Being with you is enough. I swear a lot.

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

When I stood up I walked with you in snow, blizzard, storm My heart is beating like this coal. Babaler Mothers’ children, father’s lions Kochler of Turkey. York Haider says that If the hair of any one of you is worth it, let him make it halal, son. If I accidentally break one of you, if I accidentally drop That too, sorry. You are a stone to your own feet, son.

I’m sorry Keep going, don’t let the kids down. Also eat lamb. Cow’s milk in our tradition… Lamb meat. The rest of the word is salad. Let’s have fun Commander Commander, are you going? Commander Commander I’m sorry come on Come on captain.Commander, with your permission, I will present the petition and leave. Haider, you decide in haste, don’t do that What should I do sir?

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

The truth will come out eventually, see, there is still an appeal stage. Commander, I did no such thing. Don’t you want to fight captain? Who should I fight sir? Please tell me Tell me we got a picture from Suphan. Let’s dive in. We have detected a terrorist in Tinderak Let me go and fall on him But four years ago Because an Agha’s brother who was a dog of terrorists was shot

Haider became a criminal Now you say Commander He became the elder of all circuits. But you can’t do that. Why? Because we will be punished. I can’t fight it, sir. I fight terrorists. I will fight traitors. But with lies, with money I can’t fight the bastard who blames me. I don’t care about those things, Commander. Haider, think again. I will deliver my embezzlement later. I will speak to the officials sir. With your permission. Brother you too Brother, let me pull that car, come and see the car for two minutes. Hussain, see you tomorrow, coach, okay?

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

Tomorrow? ok brother Brother, are you ok, what happened? I’m fine, I’m fine. You have an acquaintance, arrange a Mayo truck and we will meet on the weekend. Bro, which truck? Well, are you off? No more right mothers, Hussain. I have told many people today what happened. We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?

ok brother Thanks You call Kagan If you say I’m wearing the uniform for the last time, Haider, it will make a mess. There is nothing to say, Copoz Baba. He eliminated Yurk Hyder. Crazy, we don’t have one. Who knows what Yurk Hyder whipped up again? welcome Well, you’re early What’s up, lady? Is the boy sleeping? He sleeps during the day. You know the activity starts at night. are you ok john come on I am very tired, Goksh. I am very tired I can see you don’t have any oysters or tenderloin. – Don’t you have anything to eat?

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

-What? I say food, do you have anything? Oh, there’s a biscuit or something. These are from 2014. Do you have anything from the 90s? Sounds exactly like me, doesn’t it? Just like me. Look at it, look at it. Just like Timo. But can I tell you something? There are only two teams on earth. I know them too, me. Look at him Were you going to call the gendarmerie? I

,, I don’t know anything. Of course you don’t know, you idiot A primate with an underdeveloped brain due to your lack of protein Surely you know nothing. You lived happily, you died happily. brother Have I told you before that I hate people, huh? no? Okay fine I’m telling you now.

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

Maksud is calling. Maksud Hope you have good news for me. You talked real again, kid Am I talking about it? Of course you will talk. What you are saying is different Mother, if you tell someone else, for Allah’s sake? The girl still hasn’t answered me, and there is no fool. And is this place for him, for Allah?

what happened Allah Allah Are we strangers? Please but Please stay on topic. Eat in front of him. I did not even know when my father went to.Always keep Tim ready for action. Leaving the headquarters is prohibited. yes sir Swordteam, Amir and command is held by Lieutenant Turkman. Which is your order, Commander Any news from Kagan Captain? no Looks like things are going wrong, gentlemen. Come, gentlemen, hurry. Haider Captain. May Allah open the way. Thank you dad I have a request from you.

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

give order They shot a poor man, Miton Ozdemir. Yes Rashid’s man. Send one of your children to look after them. If there is any deficiency, we will make up for it. Over my head, Urick Captain. Never look back. May Allah make your path clear. The captain You are wearing a double gun. God forbid, where should we find you in case of need?

Come, brother, let me shake that blessed hand of yours. Come, father, come, come. I hate the countryside. This is a huge gap. by the way Did Timo eat today? Timo? – Yes Did he eat? So you? I do not know How can I help you? This dude saw something, Timo. Tell me what did he see? Two big captains were fighting They also raised their hands on each other. look you Then?

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

The name of one of them was Urick Haydad. Haider Bozkert. Nothing interesting so far. Let’s eat our best food The other name is Chiz. Cello, what was the other one’s name? Kagan Kagan was the captain. What? What? What? Captain Kagan. You’re telling me the whole story now, okay? I want to know all the details.

Now tell me the whole story Wake up everyone, everyone. Prepare weapons, prepare vehicles. We’re going, come on! Let’s go Kagan Captain What a surprise, captain? How big a surprise is that? Did you say Rashid? Ha Rashid Agha Is this man near us? Not far, Timo. You know, you’re a smart guy, Togi.

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

Thanks, Timo. Ali, go fast, go, go! Good morning dear hello Kagan, are you ready? I’m ready, tell me. I woke up like this in the morning. You wanted to call after seeing the ring on your finger.

This is not a dream. Of course not I mean, maybe I left before I finished my coffee, but Now we have promised Are you in the car, where are you going?

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

Honey, can I call you later? Okay fine Well, let’s meet. We could inform the police and gendarmerie. But in a potentially impressive move, Captain Haider’s military service will definitely end. I know, I know, Colonel So they are both more crazy than each other. They get into a fight, pull out a gun.

Savasci Warrior Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle

So I fear it. Captain Kagan went to congratulate Hyder, the commander But of course such a possibility exists. Let’s stay alert and keep the team ready. Already ready sir. And what is this brother?


Turns, wanders, the heat of the chestnut comes into our palms. Haider, and Kagan This is not good, Colonel, not good at all. This is not good at all. Will it work? You go, shut up. Wear a ring like this. Then, without realizing what happened Of course, bro. So we could not even congratulate this man. He left in a hurry. Yeah, there was no chance. This is our profession, gentlemen. Never the time Undoubtedly, this is a difficult situation for real Hanam.

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