Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle Free

I was replying to your message but I guess I’m a little lazy with this cell phone Oh, Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle do you think these clothes are appropriate? So I was very hesitant, but do you think it’s okay? Why are you so anxious? We are going to eat. Yes, but you say Army House. So you say that old general will also come The old general doesn’t look at clothes. It’s not a verb, it’s an excuse. Oh, I don’t understand.

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

what is the meaning of this? Never mind, let’s get out as soon as possible so we don’t keep Baba waiting. Well, I’m coming now. Lieutenant Order, sir. Lieutenant, I’m leaving. My phone is unlocked. Especially regarding the movement phases of the sword team You will give me all the information, understood? Jay Sir Did you apply for residency? No sir, I didn’t.Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle.

I am at Army House now. Why? Sir one room is enough for me. I thought they could give the accommodation to a friend who needed it more than me. OK, I understand. You still think about what I said. Live a civilian life too. Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle Do you understand me? Got it, thanks sir. Commander. No, Duane, I’m not going anywhere dangerous I’m not in danger of being killed and you’re not coming, understand?

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

Jay Sir Duane, you’re not gonna change, are you? I have told you fifty times. When the commander is going somewhere, I said don’t ask questions, don’t ask questions! Commander, you are right, it is like this, how do I tell you? So, you know when someone’s dad leaves the house like this? They say, Father, where are you going with this intention,

Commander? Nothing else, what should I do, Commander? What should I do sir? Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle I am worried. All kinds of things come to my mind. I’m afraid something will happen to him, Commander. Doan chip, . Don’t talk about the commander as a man or anything else. I will shoot whatever comes to your mind. You keep your mouth shut. And finally,

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

if you insist on not going to the psychiatrist for a while I will talk to Colonel Copoz about it, according to him. Don’t do it sir. We’ll see if I do, Duane Bender. Well, one minute, sir, one minute.

He said, “You too live, Commander.” He said alive, alive. Don’t always wear such green Said to live a civilian life, Commander I mean, after all, there is a young girl, commander, a young commander girl. The young commander said that you are a girl, I didn’t say that, I meant the commander. Commander said, you know, you are a young girl.

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

He said to be a lover, that is, a commander. As for Doan, go see a psychiatrist. Well, why don’t you, Commander, forgive me. Do you have a lover, sir? Let me see you, no, no Doan Don’t get me wrong, don’t get angry right away, sir. Commander, it’s good to be in love, that’s why I’m telling you, Commander.

This is what our commander said. You wear this uniform 18 hours a day, sir. The hairstyle already pays off. So I apologize sir Plus the uniform looks great on you. But if you go to the market If you wear such clothes, do your hair, make up Sir, what’s wrong if you get a pedicure? Easy to send Duane to a psychiatrist I go now.Ali lion! Do not do this!

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

Do not do this! Is this your husband? Yes look at me look at me If you make a fuss, I will kill you, I will tear your head off Do you understand? did you understand Remove them Ali Shir Get them early too. ok ok Ali Sher, are you okay? Are you OK? When will you meet at the meeting place, sir? We can go fast because it’s night, Lieutenant. But However, we are careful to avoid contact. Understood, sir.

Take it easy, Lt. Thank you, sir Sardar Sword, come on Emre Yes, lieutenant. Commander, Lt. Olgun A second, lieutenant. I’ll be right back, you continue. Do you think I missed dinner a little too much tonight, Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle Mrs. Pia, what do you think? I don’t think so, but you know. People in our youth They believed that the spirit came from the strait.

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

Now, on the contrary, the soul is going through the throat. Yes, who is it? I know Copoz very well. It is difficult to open. He doesn’t show his insides to anyone. But when he opens his soul to someone, he goes all the way. When I actually see such people I immediately realized how many grams his liver weighed. I’m not wrong, I tell you that too.

But I’m looking at you, Miss Pia. I can’t decide Will you leave it on the way or not? Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle Do you love him or not? Will you make him sad or happy? My sixth sense is telling me nothing. I do not tell myself to you I think it would be more correct to prove it with Ibrahim. Isn’t that right? Of course Of course I realized I was being rude to a lady.

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

but still I love him so much that he is so important to me Do not misbehave with a woman I will bind the world (bap) with gunpowder. Do you understand me? Got it Good people are few and far between, Pia. An Abraham is hard to find.

Especially a coupe Will never get it. You didn’t touch your food, you fed me everything Divine Piya Hanam. Please take some of these, please, come on. I am sorry You made the food cold, son. Put the guns down, put them down. What’s going on here? Safety, any news? They moved to the southwest. to the hill I pulled it here,

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

it takes another two hours after the gate. This is their base camp. Well, thank you Star one, star two. Two sitar are listening to one. We have information, we are moving slowly I will report the coordinates, sir. Understood, Lieutenant Team, we’re moving. Sardar, Kershat I’m not comfortable at all, brother, let’s go a little faster.

Why sir what happened? Horse track mixed with dog track, chief. We need to reach the Azerbaijan team as soon as possible. Sir, from whom has this information been obtained? I think (beep). I received beeps. Come on then speed up, let’s fly sir. Did you do what I said? We did this team, they went where we said. Good, very good.

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

Timo, what are you going to do with the Azerbaijanis? What are you after? I am not after them. I am behind those who will be behind them. If Azerbaijanis die, they will come immediately. Right? who is that? I think he is asking too many questions. Yes, you ask a lot of questions. anyway. No one knows about it.

Kopoz, they are coming from the Embassy of Azerbaijan. That National Intelligence will also participate, you too come Jay Sir Friends, we will watch this video a little later this morning From a center connected to Russia The diplomatic mission of the Azerbaijani government was sent to Georgia. We have no other information at this time. Captain Fortunately,

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

when this video was taken All our engineers are alive, only one of our female engineers We think he is slightly injured. The way the video was made and environmental assessment We believe that the perpetrators of this incident are the Syrian branch of the terrorist organization. Has a request been made, General? What do they want?

No, there are no requests yet. To the Government of Azerbaijan, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs or National Our intelligence agency has not received any information. Do you have a diagnosis, General? Guys, I’ve been wearing this uniform for 35 years, 25 of them I spent my days chasing those damned terrorists on the slopes, in the mountains.

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

And we know very well that anywhere in the world Union of the Republic of Turkey and Azerbaijan It sets them in motion. They don’t want us to be together. Especially our presence in the Middle East It’s driving them crazy.

Doubt and no doubt We say Two states, one nation. And they know it too. They know and they are trying their best to stop this alliance. Well, can we do something, Mr. General? Do you have any precautions? -now Two elements of Azerbaijan and Turkey are in the field. That’s all I can say right now. What are our chances of success, can our engineers survive?

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

Colonel? I can tell you this much, Mr. Under Secretary Not in Turkey or Azerbaijan If there is a team in the world that will pull them out of this hole That’s our team. I draw gold into the world. We will take them from there. I can tell you that. Shall I take you? We’ll have a sailor’s meal together, huh? do you want me to take Look,

look sweetie God You said Erzurum, right? Uncle, Erzurum. So we are friends. Take this then Let it be remembered from Turkman Castle to Erzurum Castle. No, uncle, no, I can’t. Erzurum, you’ve never eaten a Turkmen bat, have you? take it I can’t take it, uncle. I said take it, don’t extend it, take it. May you live long. Thank you, may God be pleased with you. East Turkestan, huh? Yes uncle East Turkestan.

Savasci Warrior Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitle

If you ever come back to Turkestan Whether you are 70 or 90 years old If Allah grants you and you return Kiss each Turk on the forehead. Hug, hug And tell them “When I myself was in the land of Syria I saw an old Turkman. “He wasn’t holding his feet. Then tell them “A wolf on earth Can’t be a pet and a dog.” A Turk can never be a prisoner.

And say The sun must rise one day. did you hear me Tell them exactly that. Total uncle. it’s yours From the time of Fahri Pasha. If you want to keep it, keep it Give it to the one you love the most in this world. uncle, i take this Effler, come on. Come on guys get ready. Uncle.

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