Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle Free

Stand around the lion. Have you heard that even a bird cannot fly? Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle Don’t let even a bird fly, let no one come near. Leave it to God. Go to positions. Even the bird does not fly! No, he says, see microbiology notes. , the auxiliaries are always forming opposite corners They say they ask carefully. Well, Anatomy is already a bank girl Don’t worry,

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

I’ll make you work. Okay fine We will find, daughter we will find Shut up, Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle I’ll call you later. I swear he doesn’t exist! I ‘m telling everyone, Erin is not here Yildiz has arrived! No sister! Where will I find, what to do now? Stop, baby, stop. We will find it now. – Have you not seen my son? say something! No sister, no, no, no! -Okay, okay,

I don’t have a son. Didn’t you see sister? Please tell me something! Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle- Mom, what happened? Yildiz Erin is not. How is Erin not? – I don’t know if the driver is dead or injured. Do something Take a look at it. My son is not! Hello? Emergency police and ambulance are required. We have a seriously injured. He has lost a lot of blood.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

Have not boarded this bus? Has my son not come to the service? Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle I’m going crazy here! Yildiz, please tell Bairam. Khadija sister, I just called the police. Ambulance is also coming. I’m going crazy here. All have children but I don’t have a son. no Relax, they won’t pick up anymore. Daughter, think of the baby in your womb, Erin will get it.

You will be his mother too. Come to your senses for God’s sake, enough is enough! Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle Okay fine. We will find ourselves exhausted Report to Bayram. Whatever happens, tell Bayram. I can’t handle this alone. OK, daughter is fine. Take it there, girl. Khadija sister, what will happen if you go and lie down? Ender Chalo is at least Ender Chalo.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

Nothing is visible in the water sir. They went that way. Let’s go down. Take up arms You have chosen a beautiful place to die, Captain. Fools! You first find your commander. Did you, captain, hurt your arm? Your men are coming, captain. give way But you will not see them. The colonel’s sword Put your hands up! Raise your hands up Are you going to hide behind your team captain? Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle.

Elias, hit that man on the head, son. Lower your weapons! Take it all down below below You can’t beat the doctor, Captain! Can’t beat the doctor! If we fight for a thousand years, we cannot be forced to kneel. Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle did you hear me have you heard If we fight for a thousand years, we will not kneel even once! have you heard have you heard Gallop, pack it.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

– Are you okay sir? -get up! get up! get up! Welcome to hell, princess Well, the dates you ate yesterday are scratching (beep) today. Oh, hell has come. Don’t do it sir. Don’t do that bro. Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle Turan Hossein Olu Your dog killed?

Who was the captain? Was he one of your heroes? Was he newly married or was his wife pregnant? Was his father sitting in a house plastered with earthen tires? After his mother died, he could not bear the pain and after a week Is he dead, Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle captain huh? I will kill you. es sir Okay fine And don’t follow your ways again. No, Commander, we don’t do anything.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

Colonel Copoz wanted it that way. get out. Commander, you misunderstood Lieutenant. outside Jay Sir Commander, you don’t look well. Doan, I am the confidant of Colonel Copoz , Commander. Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle Commander This new commander is so hard, haha. what happened? He wants you to take them now. Well, then I’ll take them to him. But we’ll miss the taste of it, I’m telling you.

I hope it goes well. Brother, let me tell you this. Once I know that Colonel Copoz is fine, I am content to do whatever Sami Colonel says. As if he went into the ground. Go to your place. Easy! Ready!Attention! Sword team, with four petty officers, nine sergeants, And three special soldiers, ready for your orders and opinions, sir! Thanks. Thanks!

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

You may go to your place, Captain. look forward! Listen to me calmly, friends. I am very worried about you. Please call me drank Good morning, original copper. Good morning, Kabli. So, we are going back to the faculty? Today is a great day. You have never taken such a long break. God forbid another incident happens. Take it madam. Oh clan.

No, no, that’s fine. How? If you are talking about my job, we took care of it with Kagan Captain. No, I cannot allow that, Kabalai Roses were blooming on your face while coming out, how are you? is that so? I didn’t notice at all. But I saw, take this. I guess you went somewhere together. Dude, don’t start over. the cinema? no shopping? no Dinner?

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

Oh clan. Original copper? Kablai sorry madam. Do you need my help Ms. Real? No Kabyle, come at half past four in the evening. Okay fine Main? Main Ozkinak. numbers numbers Who is Ingan? when did you come? I just came. Why didn’t you tell me? It’s been two weeks. I’m so happy, come on. Look at them! See how they go together.

Who is Angan Bhai? Allah Kobe son, this guy is going to mess up a lot. I’m telling you Check out this category. Did you like it here? Out of jail is better anyway. Of course, I agree. Okay fine. We also get some fresh air. The scene is also very good Pasha. But Pasha, it’s a little cold, should we go inside? No, I’m not cold. Don’t put me between them, Ms. Hendon.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

They will soon start fighting over the cookies. Let me read my book here in peace, okay? Pasha of course. I have to take care of them a little bit. Let me go and I’ll bring you something hot when I come back, okay? Yes I would be happy. ok pasha Deep blue, how beautiful How soon did you come, Ms. Hendon? What is happening?

Ms. Hendon, what’s going on? where are we going? Ms. Hendon! Do you like your new nurse, Pasha? Where are you from, man? Oh, old man, I want to talk to you, but I don’t like old people, you know? That’s why I’m getting straight to the point. Where is Colonel Ibrahim Copoz? Go to hell! Are you asking me that? I will kill you! Tell me, where is Colonel Copoz?

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

Are you looking for Copoz? If Colonel Copoz wants to find you. He will find you even if you go to the ground! I have reserved a table for you for breakfast. Murat Lieutenant came. I said don’t sit there. I sent it. I thought that You will sit. But you’re right, if it were me, I wouldn’t be sitting at the same table with you. I don’t blame you, Shamid.

It’s me, nothing to do. Whether I care about anyone. I can’t reveal. But even if I don’t show it. Just know this. Commander, action order. They are waiting for you. Okay, monkey See you, Lieutenant. Krashat Be careful Come back safely. Come back safely, then we’ll have breakfast together. So let’s do it. Okay fine? Waiting for you, Commander. See you. Breakfast.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

Why do you keep saying the same thing boy? But they are waiting, Commander, what do I do? Do I say don’t wait? Don’t come out! Just don’t come out of nowhere. Yes, Commander. You all can only dominate me! You all got a poor Doan, and behave as you will. What is this man? Once or twice is not enough! Commander, if it because of yesterday’s argument There was no argument.

I said, ‘Yes sir, for the vindate,’ he said Boy, what can we do? This is what the commander wanted. but why? Haven’t I been everywhere this team has gone? Huh? Bus Except when I was in the mountains. I have always been with my team. Sardar, this is the order, brother. ok brother Come on, take care. Come back safely. Good luck, Commander.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

Gentlemen, board the helicopter. come in what did you do colonel The sword team is going. Commander Business is up to the sword again, isn’t it? May Allah help them. But, I think they hate me right now. Sami They should hate me too. Bus Bus where are you Doctor? Let’s clear this account. This is Gendarmerie or Commando Sergeant Saleh Castle, Commander welcome!

Thank you, Sergeant. Is something wrong? No commander, everything is fine now. Well, good luck thanks, Commander. the people Let’s look around. See what’s around. Emre, gallop. Contact Gendarmerie Intelligence. Look around to see if there is anything unusual. Kursat, Seljuq, the division center is yours, focus on the citizens. There may be chaos.

Savasci Warrior Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitle

By your command, Commander You have Murat, Bayram, Mohalla Unit and District Governorship. See what’s happening in the village. Understood Commander. Commander, I? You will give blood brother. Blood? Yes Why Commander? Brother, donating blood is good for the body. In addition, you contribute to the need for blood transfusions.

But commanders, while very bloody friends. why me? You do not worry. One should not worry about the order. Yes, Commander Yes, Commander. Our friend wants to donate blood. Yes, Commander. Help him. yes sir let’s go what will happen now? They must be mocking Elijah now. Anyway, that doesn’t concern me. What could they do in the mountain?

what They just lie on the ground. They eat canned food, walk and what else can they do? Good son, you should also rest a little. No, I didn’t want to go by myself. They asked me. Chief, are you coming? I said no, I’m not. He said, “What do you mean that I am not?”

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