Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle Free

Main Main real are you ok are you listening to me hurry up. come out Hold on, Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle drop that gun, I’m a soldier, I’m a captain. get out You go, captain, get out Quickly. Main Are you OK? -Are you okay, can you hear me? I was very scared Are you okay, are you hurt? I was very scared brother, I was very scared. Let’s get you to the ambulance, let’s intervene there.

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

You take the seriously injured brother, I was very scared. You guys get to the ambulance, okay? Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle Okay fine I was very scared. I was very scared I was very scared I was very scared I was very scared Those who did not get food should come, friends. You bro Are you just getting started? Bro, I just started. Well, this machine is a bit loaded, that’s what.

I was doing But now there is nothing to do. You clean the foyer. ok brother I was very scared. Great! I was very scared I was very, very scared. They turn on the radio, see how many people have died. Idiots, turn on the radio! Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle Can you remove it? I am sorry For God’s sake, is he right, huh? We will do our best until we reach the hospital. You stay calm.

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

Don’t give up, John, go on. do not leave. Come on, hurry, come on. Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle Come quickly! Early! You can’t go in. brother. brother. what happened bro Who is this? Main Sister are you here? I am here Khadija, come. What are you doing in the morning like a Selwar Sultan? Nothing but the usual stuff. What happened to the sailor sister? Everything comes off but dirt, rust, oil No blood stains. It’s not going. I say that God forbid it is bad I am cleaning my son’s blood. It is difficult, very difficult,

Khadijah. Look, whatever you do, come. Who knows how this blood happened? His own blood Something happened to a friend? Was he injured or something? Was it a martyr in your arms? Who knows whose blood this is? Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle Look, whatever you do, don’t ruin yourself. Look, okay, drop it, let’s drop it, okay? I make you a really good frothy turkey coffee,

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

huh? Am I standing for coffee, Khadija ok, then let him hang me. Of course she smelled the coffee, she’s calling. Look what Khadija says, she says she smelled coffee. Mom, leave the coffee and listen to me now. You must come to the hospital immediately. what happened? What happened Yildiz? Mom, now is not the time to tell,

I am asking you to come to the hospital immediately. what happened? And didn’t he say anything about the Sailor Sister, the real one? He must have told you something. The real one said Khadijah Something has happened to the original. Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle Ok, so what happened? What happened to us, Khadija? Don’t give up, let me love you with your eyes, okay?

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

God forbid something will happen to you now. Come slowly, come. Is the taxi coming? She is coming, she is coming, I called. We’ll say it now, we’ll just run away, let’s go. Pia Bauer, sir. Turkey came two years ago. Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle But before that, it constantly came and went. She used to come often, especially after her husband died. Did anything come to your attention, Lieutenant?

No sir. She seems to spend all her time at the restaurant.Brother, I can’t go. What do you mean I can’t go? What are you after son, what do you mean I can’t go? Your treatment will continue. The hospital in Ankara was arranged, everything was arranged. Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle What do you mean I can’t go? No brother I can’t go I went on a road with these 15 kids,

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

bro. I cannot let them down. Look bro already The gendarmerie also said it would take measures for protection. I would also be more careful. I can’t go, I’m staying here. Ardam, look son- Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle- brother Look brother If I don’t go to this village school If I do not take care of these children, in your battle on the mountain The blood you have shed will also be in vain.

You know this very well. Give me my dear brother. I won’t convince, will I? No way to cheat? Your students, your friends In God’s trust, right? come on Look at me, your face is still like a potato. Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle Look, you see yourself there, you won’t bother me anymore. ok now Okay, okay Well, don’t worry. Well, I’ll be more careful. Olgan, you’re going to straighten up,

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

I’ll be in and out for two minutes. What is there to understand about this, Olgan? O Allah Come on, wait here, wait two seconds, I’ll be in and out, Olgan. Seriously, sometimes you get stubborn, stubborn. Look who said that. Bro don’t confuse me. I am afraid of such things. Are you a half Alexander? You will stay here for ten seconds.

Although this is the commander’s room. are you crazy or what? No brother. I swear it isn’t. No, I’m going. I’m telling you, wait, wait here, I’m telling you. Hang in there, I go in, I come out, mature. Don’t be crazy, man In the name of Allah, the Merciful. Colonel, this Let’s write an article about expert staff as soon as possible. We will need it. Yes sir Oh, by the way, how’s the real Ozkainat?

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

The threat continues, sir. Unfortunately it is heavy. Well, the inquiry? On one thing did he bubble me? This is a professional job sir. They say there is no sign of anything of value. What a pity What are they doing, who are these cops? This is my post and the head of the tea shop, Commander. What’s in your hand, son? Is this, sir? What do I have my commander?

Why do you stammer, son? I said what do you have? Duane Bender Odemus, command, sir. Open your hand. This is the bead of the evil eye, sir. Or are they unaware of the dress code? Son, can a soldier look evil, my son? It’s not for wearing, sir, I was going to put it under the table. Why? Commander, our helicopter crashed, then we martyred in the police station.

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

Murat Lieutenant Commander’s brother was kidnapped and injured. After that our Kirshat Lieutenant Commander was injured. Elias Petty Officer Commander wounded. So many accidents, troubles are not good sir. There is either magic or bad luck (beep). Excuse me sir. So there is something sir. If you think so?

That’s what I personally thought, sir Someone breathed heavily on us, sir. Or such a look is bad, sir. Otherwise soldiers like pocket knives, everyone here, Commander. If these people walk, Ankara will shake, Commander.All of you, every one of you As well as colleagues And colleagues too you are my friend You are my brother You are my destined friend.

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

I am asking you now. at my place How many people, which of you? who He will not come to work Tell me about it Restless When your kids are sick In bed with a forty degree fever Didn’t you board this helicopter and come to the operation? Oh, sir, I’m gone, well, but that Who escaped from the hospital? Lieutenant, who was the one who escaped from the hospital?

You gallop. Tear up your report …was my grandfather drinking? This was not my grandfather. Huh Emre? Seljuk? Turan? It was completed? Son, which of you is the cleverest who accuses me of impudence? now tell. Tell me that Smart you, call me crazy. Now tell me which one of you calls me crazy? I! what happened? Deep silence! Something was playing,

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

I’m late, you can’t play without me, I’m coming too. What happened, what did I miss? Commander, what did I miss? It’s okay Murt, let’s get ready. Team gone, we’re stuck here like pears. Commander, for God’s sake, look at you, where are you going like this? Elias, my lion, do you always talk like this to your superiors? What is lazy! I’m sorry,

Commander, you know Where will you go then? I hate hospitals! We love it too. apologies? Nothing sir No, did you say something? No, I didn’t say anything. You said, you said. I didn’t tell you, sir Look, son, you are talking about your stomach. Come on, this is me, why don’t you go with the team? I could not leave the hospital,

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

sir, what should I do? Do you know what’s up with you Elias, I tell you The cat (beep) saw him and said I will die from this wound Yes (beep) Elias! Yes (beep) Yes (beep) Elias! Relax little officer, relax. “Get well soon, how are you?

” thank you I’ve had better days, thank you. I’ve never heard anyone talk so badly about cats before, Lieutenant. Are you OK? The commander assigned him, he said, let’s take care of our staff in the hospital. How are you? Do you need something or something? No, we’re fine, not bad, thanks. Shouldn’t you be in your room?

Savasci Warrior Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

Therefore, it is not appropriate for you to sit here like this. No, no, no, no, I will do something Relax in your room. The nurse Shouldn’t your patient be in the room at this time? Can we get a handle on this? No, Lieutenant, I am I’m tired of the boredom there, please. Well, I’m going to get the wheelchair now.


Lieutenant, please! No, I’m fine, I’m resting here. Yes, yes, let’s take a chair. Lieutenant, please – – Lieutenant, please, but you need to rest This is the Colonel’s real man. A true lover. Maybe it is that, we don’t know. PA


The restaurant belongs to the Colonel. Perhaps the colonel is not free from it. This is the captain’s sister. We don’t know what she’s doing. The girl lieutenant. Lieutenant. This slant-eyed and shylock has also joined the team. These two non-commissioned officers live in the same house, as do the other two. These lieutenants, captains

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