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Cooperate with Coast Guard along with Sardar, Bayram. Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle – Sir You’re content with crunches, right? Installations too. Don’t leave anything out. Jay Sir -Commander… -What happened? The commander is calling you. immediate Keep going guys. Sword, let’s get lost a little. he said. Usually, Talwar says let’s get a little wet. If it were me, I would say: “Sword,

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

let’s wet Emre.” Damn, let your words come true, let your words come true You are talking nonsense, Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle it is empty. Your work is gogo. Bairam bhai, I passed everything, what about a personality like you? How can he love water? And you don’t like water. This baby is itching. Emre! You are once from Erzurum. In other words, as an Erzurum citizen, you shouldn’t have anything remotely to do with water.

You are from Erzurum. Son, let us be in Erzurum , in the streams and waters where we bathed. Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle- Were you weeding? – Ha I respect. emre… Bro, I like water, haha. – You are quiet, brother. – Do not comment. – That’s enough son, ok, thanks. -Commander, if you come to the infirmary. Ok son it’s ok. Come on mind your own business.

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

Commander, are you okay? Lieutenant, let us in. I’m fine, no big deal. The ship has already reached its destination. how sir According to the coordinates given to us … … Arrival time is at least 48 hours. Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle We followed the wrong ship. Beat it! From the ship we followed the Coast Guard command… An urgent call came.

The men who threatened the captain and his companions with guns. A few hours ago they entered southern Cyprus. Do you know what was on the plane? Animal feed, corn syrup, acid. So not at all. Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle No big deal! Well, the real target, sir? Where are the guns? According to the information we received from field intelligence, now

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

… At a point north of al-Basit in Syria . On the beach, in boxes, piles. Naturally, from there to northern Iraq. Staff’s first bet, Kagan, never underestimate your enemy! Never! He cheated us badly. The doctor betrayed us badly! Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle O Jami Ber Yamdi! Only one choice! By feeding the animal… You can make him do anything, you know howl?

Sometimes humans too. But if you want to lure a big colt , you need a big ship. The bottom won’t save the copose, will it? -like this. – We are waiting for you, Havel. Why? We were going to commemorate Shafiq. Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle How many men do we commemorate, how many men do we commemorate Sometimes I get confused too, you know howl?

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

Who did we miss, who did we bury? Some we decided, some we established. Well, we’ll do it tonight. Copoz is not the first time. This is not the first time they are buying a gun. We will look into it, Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle there is nothing we can do now. It seems so, sir, unfortunately. Take care of yourself too, Colonel. Hand injuries etc. – You are right sir, it happened once.

– Come on, relax. thank you. Captain, I told you to go, why did you wait? Commander, is there anything else we can do? what do you think The ship is in Syria. what can we do? We can go there sir. Captain…Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle …I understand your excitement, I know.Look the man made it shine. Donkey has no place. Do socks smell? Huh? I swear, that would be a shame, haha.

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

God damn it, he already gave it. Does it smell like socks, huh? No, that’s right. nice Put on the socks, let me just wear the dress. You didn’t get your ticket money, why didn’t you go? I do not know. I couldn’t go, sir.Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle -is that so? There was a guy, sir, he was giving tickets at the terminal. It opened up a dialogue, we had such conversations, we chatted.

The boy has a lame leg. They were not recruited because they were disabled. The boy was very worried sir, so… …I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t hear it with my own ears. You know, a poor kid like that, poor, poor. well…Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle He was eating boiled carrots, potatoes or something. Such was the crucifixion sir. Brother said… …I said, they didn’t recruit me, my commander said.

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

That’s what kept me the most, he said. well… …I thought to myself, I said fuck you, I said donkey… …Excuse me sir, so… The man trying to wear the uniform with this crippled foot… You are like a mule, I said, Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle trying to escape from the army, my commander. I am very sorry sir. I’m a (beep) dude anyway. So I’m very bad. what happened to you son What’s your lesson, huh?

Sir if they write cooked chicken instead of name on my ID card…Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle …I wouldn’t be surprised, how much it is. So what can I tell you sir? Which one shall I tell you? I got it, I swear (beep) Left– Hey! Candine gel. Excuse me sir. Tickets were not bribed. It’s raining cats and dogs The job is over, you can’t enter the headquarters . You said let’s go and head the copose colonel, right?

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

Huh, did you say that? My ticket arrived sir, I had the ticket. I am not even afraid of rain sir. Just came to the tip of my nose, I did not climb sir. Do you know why? Because you raised me sir. You made me human.Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle I was wrong about being suicidal I didn’t want you to think you did me wrong, sir. I swear, sir, I am addicted to punishment. I agree with what you said.

But do n’t see me as wrong, crooked, commanding. I don’t want anything else from you. Excuse me sir. Colonel Copoz. Commander, First Lieutenant Oktey. Tell me, First Lieutenant. Sir, they are a point of the past. Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle Okay, I’ll be right back. Let’s skip a fight. Jay Sir Commander. I see four men. It’s like a small building and a pickup truck. It’s like their outpost.

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

Gentlemen First contact will be here. We will be very quiet. Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle They will not even get a chance to inform. He will not be shot, understood? Jay Sir Turan, Seljuk. Emre, Elias. The voice said, Havel, check. That’s right, Havel. hey, are you ok? Commander, it’s clear. Understood Gentlemen, let’s go. Understood. They passed a checkpoint, sir.

Apart from this, no contact or incident was reported. They are moving forward. Clan Commander. Sir, how many do you count? I swear sir, there are 10-15 people, they are all armed. Boy, Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle don’t you know that even cockroaches are armed here? Good thing, the spray crew got to their feet. The plan hasn’t changed?Do you hear me soldier?

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

Elias, behind you. Say, are you the commander? – I am enough for you, talk. Do you realize how many people are around you? . 100 people, exactly 100! Sir, he is right. There are at least 100 people. If you surrender, you may have a chance. But if you don’t surrender, you don’t stand a chance. Never Come on, Elijah, come on. – I’m listening, go ahead.

– If you want to think a little. Meanwhile, I send you my first gift. What is it saying? what gift Gentlemen, the situation is serious, everyone’s position. Get ready, sword. Shall I send you to your grandfather? Did you miss your grandfather? Let’s run, run! run run! – Grandpa, grandpa! -, grandson. Don’t shoot. Stop it Stop, stop! Grandson, don’t shoot!

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

Don’t shoot! Grandfather! Don’t shoot! no! Emre, Elias, take it boy. Gentlemen, cover fire. Come uncle, come uncle! Everyone to the warehouse. Sword in the warehouse! Do you think I’m serious soldier? This is your last warning. Get out and surrender. I count to five. If you don’t come out… We may not be able to get out of here, but if you get a little closer

… I’m going to blow all your stuff up here, got it? – You can’t. Try it, dog man. This they do. Rather than die at the hands of a dog like you, I’ll pull my rope here. Do you understand me? I pull my own rope. Havel can’t do it, he mutters. If he does? The man knows we’re going to kill them. And he knows like honey.

Savasci Warrior Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

If he blows up the guns, the doctor will kill us in front of the Turks. be damned Little surprise for the colonel. love it. what You had to tell me something about the colonel, doctor. -Is it Almas now?

-It’s his turn. Where have you been all day today? Answer my question, Doctor, now. -is that so? -now. This is the man who killed your mother, your father, your whole family and burned down your house, Colonel. The colonel and his men. Is it okay? Now you know. who is that? The teacher is the parent of the student. Open the door and I will be your victim.


what happened teacher Will you not accept an education-hungry, knowledge-hungry, enlightened mind like me? Let’s go. OK, teacher, how many students do you have? Fifteen, okay. We’re with you, people in the middle. We are playing a game. Whoever the children love the most will win the battle. Do children like you?

Who is this handsome boy? Answer two. my bro. your brother. where is your brother I didn’t notice. -What? I won’t tell you anything. Huh, is it? I am a beginner teacher. There is still a hot breakfast, a main course. After dinner is sweet. Hot enough.


Doctor’s Doctor’s Office, Doctor’s Office Dr. Do you have medical books? Welcome.. You scared me, what do you want? you ? -what are you doing here? – I didn’t mean to scare you. I found out from the record store that you were here and…

…I wanted to come and leave. -Why? -Why? See, it’s a little hard to explain. It is a beautiful color. Looks good. Please tell me, what do you want from me right now? And we’re not even open. So I do n’t think it’s

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