Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle Free

Come on woman! I said shoot! I’m working. Pure Urdu Hit it fast! Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle My commander! Attention! He went to power, didn’t he (beep)? You will suffer more. Sword, they are loading into the station. Come back here right away. I repeat, they are being brought to the police station. Come here now. Understood. We are coming soon sir. -good morning.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

– Good morning, sir. sir are you ok what did you get thank you sir. Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle I’m really asking. Are you sick or something? I don’t know sir. I don’t know what you mean? You are sweating. It seems like you have seen a ghost. what happened? Commander, he’s here. – Who is here? -They What about my commander when I was in Mardin Brigade?

…He was a fixture sergeant of the highest rank . Come on, that was too much Hamza Stedman. Pasha just came in. Pasha, Pasha you know. Here are some epaulettes… I have never seen such epithets in my life. Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle The Stars and Stripes did not pass, my commander. I’m thinking he’s going to ask something. I swear to my stomach, my stomach hurts ,

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

I swear, sir. Soldier, come to your senses. Well, don’t be silly. You focus on your work, right? If he asks a question, you will answer. Do not change your original position. Got it? Focus on your work. Jay Sir – Got it, Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle Duane? – Yes sir. nice let’s go . Patience, my dear. I say Pasha, Pasha or Pasha. Where have I fallen, my Lord, O Messenger of Allah?

Is there a martyr of ours? Unfortunately, one of our police officers was martyred, my commander. What did the Sword Squad do? They argued throughout the night. It was relatively quiet in the morning, but they started again in the morning. Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle Do we know the identity of our martyr? A soldier in charge of the tracking dog . Well did we provide air support?

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

Two helicopters are going, sir. They’re coming, Havel. -How many? – Two cobras. – Are they close? – Hey, they’re close. If you shake so much at the head of the station … The helicopter will come, the brigade will come , Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitlev the battalion will come. We are retreating. I guess we can manage to withdraw, right? We are retreating.

Move weights, ammunition to north position, coach. Ali, Yusuf, changed to rear guards First Sergeant, let’s do a damage assessment and count immediately. Come on guys, come on. Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle – Are we injured, Sivas – No sir. The first bullet I dreaded the most, sir. God forbid, if we lose, we always lose in the first shots. Otherwise, they will never be stalked.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

You arrange the children, let us do our martyrdom duty. Jay Sir No incident sir. This? We got these early in the morning. Rocketman is what he is (beep). Look ahead! It might as well have been running. Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle Got it Krishat – My commander. Take them, take them to a good place. Notify Sivas. Set a sentry. Jay Sir let’s go! Get up, get up.

My commander. That’s right sir. Go Emeryrick! Did you laugh? Did you laugh, dog? I will skin you! did you hear me did you hear Krashat – Commander! -get up! Shame on that dog! Look, not from a human, from this dog, from a dog! Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle Hits! Hits! Okay fine.Are we going to talk? Are we going to talk? no? you know. – Order, sir!

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

-What’s your name, coach? Safet Dedarwan, Balikesir. Order, sir. What do we have, Didrwan? There’s a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft shell, sir. What does this 12.7mm anti-aircraft shell do, does it blow up that tree, Dedarwan? Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle It will fly, sir. It flies in such a way that no one can find it. – Well done, soldier. -Thanks. – Are you ready, Didarwan?

– I’m ready, sir. Barrel twist two son. Ready! I, I don’t know anything, I really don’t know anything in my head. don’t say He won’t do anything, calm down. There’s nothing we can do, huh? You can, but we can’t? Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle For two days you fired at the station. You martyred Onor! With the child’s mother, father… A coffin waits at the head of a cargo plane.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

But there’s nothing we can do, right? I’m going to do you a little bit, . I do very little for you. Get ready, Dedarwan. It has not even been three months since I joined the organization. I swear, I know nothing. Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle I told you to stop! Mountain breaking fire! Stop, stop, stop. Diderwan, is this your target? Stuff it boy. Ready! Tell him, talk! -He will kill us.

– I said shut up, shut up. Talk, say, for God’s sake, talk. They’re going to shoot us, don’t you see? May Allah punish you and your doctor. They are going to kill us, please talk. Seer Stop, don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle I will speak Commander. Tell him not to shoot. Tell him not to shoot. If I heard a lie from your mouth … I will cut off your head.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

What do you want to know? I will talk. I will tell. He said Dr. One, who is that doctor (beep)? Two, how many terrorists are you with? Three, who martyred our soldier? How do I even know this? There was a fight, who shot whom, Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle how do you know? who Good. Be prepared! Wait, I know. I, I know. He said it himself. He said that I hit him, he also laughed.

A soldier ran after the dog Then– who is it? Azad, that is Shafiq His code name is Shafiq, his real name is Azad. I swear, sir. He said it himself, I swear. . This is a. Two remained. Proceed! Will he really? what sir Will he really blow them up? Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle So if you’re asking what’s on my mind, sir. I will do it. But Kagan Captain… …No, he won’t. He pushed them all the way.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

Then he got scared. He is speaking now. Kagan captain has arranged everything in advance. Sir, do you think Cobra will miss this much? Well said. Fight, you go ahead bro. – Understood, sir. Open it. – Didarwan. – You order, sir. We have also tarnished your reputation. Although we pretended, I don’t know if we did it well or badly. No, sir, the work is done,

sir …They know how to squeeze me. Onor be avenged, Commander, I’m willing to be a bad shooter. Lion. So, sir, is there anything worthwhile? It seems so Sardar. It seems. Dr. Group. The one who martyred Onor (Beep) is the hand and foot of the doctor. They lost a lot, they will try to cross the border. In this case, what to do is clear. Absolutely.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

Before they wake up, we will go and break down on them. Come on, sword.Do you know how many people have tried it before you? Huh? do you know? Who are you, who are you? What do you think you are? Shut up, doctor, don’t worry. Don’t forget this guy. Don’t forget this man. I will hang this man on the highest cliff of this mountain.

The real Hanam. Masha Allah, roses are blooming on your face sir. Well, you’re always like that, right? This is the real Hanam, what we want, what we are looking for, this is it. Kobele, don’t scream if you want. Hey, can we go now? Exactly, sir, where? -Home. Home. Okay fine. Yes? apologies Love the real Hanam, won’t you tell me?

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

I don’t understand what you are asking. is he coming who is coming I swear you will have an ulcer in two minutes. I say kagan captain, is he coming? Oh, where did it come from, dear Kagan now? Aaa! Real Hanam, I’m sorry but I know you. You never leave home with a picture of your old car. You come here today with roses on your face.

Mashallah. So I understand. Yes, coming. –.Dam. – Hey, hey. My lion is mine. He said that he will be in Ankara at night. Oh oh! I’m very happy. Let’s be happy, sir. Thank you, Kublai. Hey Cub, will you stand there for two minutes? right here. Oh, the preparation. Sure sir, I’m stopping. Oh no dear. Oh, I’ll just buy bread. Of course sir. have nice day.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

Hi welcome. Don’t look at the pastry Ms. Real, the Kagan captain will understand immediately. What does he think? We can’t figure out if the pastry was made in-house or outsourced. You listen to me, let’s get a fellow here, okay? I’ll help, let’s make some cheesecake. O Kabali, are you doing the same? I don’t trust you. Oh, no more, dear. Hey,

I ‘m not in the mood to sit down and roll the dough with you. observation? Why are we not going to prepare? We won’t, Kubele, we ‘re not making any preparations. If you think about it right. So we should not pamper Kagan Captain like this.


After all, we have always been the sacrificial party in this relationship. Now let’s say we bought this pastry. As if a man will bring flowers? no. Anyway, I’m not surprised. Where has he been all this time? Now what does that mean? So who knows where? Kablai, how long was that man on the mountain?

The record of his life is there, don’t you know? This we know. Qubalai, the man was fighting on the mountain. He was in a state of war. I heard with my own ears. Yes. Maybe it was before. What about tomorrow?


These sailors are one, these are two Mrs. Real. I mean, they definitely have something in every port they go to. Kagan Captain is not a bit of an interesting guy, so I don’t know. Oh! Yes! If you were a female, you would have destroyed 40 nests by now. What is it dear? I am rude and mean like you… – Welcome.

Savasci Warrior Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitle

– We like it. Of course you don’t know. Do you know where? what happened to me No, I can’t say that and can’t do anything about your relationship now. Please, keep it a secret, please. Kobele, speak quickly, I’ll throw you in the oven, I’ll close the lid on you. I mean, Kalbi, speak quickly.

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