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And how are you? I’m fine. I’m going my own way. Trying to do my job. Do you have any changes in your life? In fact, yes. I moved. You are alone? No, I live with Best. Would you like some more coffee? No, we’ll go already. I’ll ask you something. The man who killed the terrorist in the hospital.

Did you find out who it is? And I thought when you get to the topic of work. Th’dtiS no’t why you agreed to have coffee with me? That’s not why you agreed to have coffee with me? No, I’m just curious. In my opinion, these people attacked to kill the Attacker. Knowing who it is and why they wanted to kill him is good news.

Your man at the police didn’t give you information? I don’t have people in the police. Okay, let’s close the topic. We checked all the surveillance cameras in the hospital. But unfortunately, we did not find out who it is. That is, there is nothing to write about? No, I’m sorry. I will answer. I’m listening. Are you kidding me, Serdar? We are carrying out the whole plan. They must be searched.

Hang up, I’m on my way. I apologize. I need to go urgently. Wait a minute. Something bad? You said plan. You will find out anyway. Take a little interest. I’ll call you again. Take care of yourself. You too. Hello, are you free? I know, but I had to call. There seems to be some action in the precinct.

Can you give information? Okay. Thanks. I apologize. May I get the bill? All paid for, Ms. Nergis. Thank you. Not worth it. Listen, sister Nergis. Taner, I have found important information. Come to us immediately. Do not be late. Okay, I’m coming. Good. You were shot with the same bullet. How are you connected? X M_____ B e ssft’1 0 CP8_ • • Welcome Lucas. Sit down.

Congratulations. You deserve another opportunity, Mr. Cevdet. Thank you. Will you share an action plan with me? Today a convoy will leave the military unit in Riva. These soldiers are authorized to carry out border operations. But, unfortunately, they won’t make it. Like this? Will you attack a military unit in the center of Istanbul? Why are you surprised?

The attacker killed our people in Istanbul. We must avenge this. Isn’t that right, Mr. Jevdet? ‘A A a 1 « The explosives arrived in the city without any problems. Our beautiful yacht is perfect for this operation. What? Are you scared, Mr. Cevdet? No, I’m just surprised. I want you to be in the center of the operation today. You should see how serious things are done.

This will help you with the tasks that you will be doing in the future. But if the Striker shows up today, He will understand with whom he contacted. And it will be liquidated, Mr. Dzhevdet. Clear. Are you sure you will achieve a different result by following the same steps, Lucas? We’re following, chief.

Something is bound to happen. Monitoring? Yes. Done. Cevdet, sit down. I’m ok. Contact Michael. Michael in touch, mr. Report the situation, Michael. It’s okay, Mr. Lucas. Detachments in their places. We are ready. The military convoy left. Perfectly! The game begins, Cevdet. Now watch closely.

Chief, new information has arrived. The convoy of the military unit in Riva left for the road. These soldiers are authorized to carry out border operations. Can we track? In a couple of seconds we’ll lose sight of it. Send a squad immediately. We must also guard the convoy. Chief, would they dare to attack a military unit?

Akıncı 19 Urdu

Is it likely? Yudgel. What a fine fellow you are! Any outcome must be considered. Not long ago an incident happened in Istanbul! You’re right. – Contact Juneyt. – Immediately, chief. Let him be at the head of the detachment that will go after the convoy. Contact the Istanbul garrison immediately. – Let them know. – Okay, chief. See? It’s true. Yes.

Episode 19 Urdu

t Why would the police escort an armed convoy of soldiers? For security. This is normal? Usually, the military themselves guard their squad. Sometimes they even ask for reinforcements from the gendarmes. But in this case … The police received a message about the possibility of an attack. Yes exactly. Let’s take a look at the territory. Wait a minute. What’s happening? Trap. Damn, they set a trap.

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