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Things are bad. Always go out. Why? This is our nature. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle We are against any type of order. Even to the order we put in place. I started. Yes. I ran the train. If I hadn’t returned your back … If I hadn’t turned my eyes, Could you do it, Ramo? You Nap? Are you going to take me with him? Is that what I’m here for? If I did, yes.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

I personally hung it on the neck, I would take it like that. Why didn’t you say so? I said … This is our nature. I also have a train that I have to dismantle. Come on, the lions! Tighten, come on! Go! Did you come to the tanker? Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle I have come, I have come and I have come. The situation is bad hawk. I can’t reach anyone. – It was evident.

These dishonest people attacked everyone, disaster. My aunt … Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle – Huh? What are we going to do now? They entered this house once, disaster. They will never come in again. Arise, disaster. Did I understand well? Mr. Cihangir also You have an account with. Is it so? It is. You are his advisor. Next. You are the closest. Nevertheless, why one do you need someone else?

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Me? Why me? Have you ever seen Mr. Cihangir? You can’t see. Because he doesn’t trust anyone. Even to his family. So he doesn’t trust you either. As to why I chose you … Cihangir’s brain can’t buy I needed someone. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle In no case Someone who will not give up on his case. You are, ramo. Because you put someone you love so much in the grave. Like me. Who are you I’ll tell you.

I’ll tell you. When the time comes You will learn, Ramo. Our secrets bring us together. But … We have a more urgent problem. Alpay. A plan has been put in place to shoot you. I accompanied them. Quite simply because I can be an obstacle. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle But it seems that alpay They had completely different plans. Noluyor! Hey! Where have you taken us? Drop!

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

– Shut up! Move! What are you doing Don’t touch me, let go of your hand! Drop! What are you doing son Call! Ara, I’m going to talk to Alpay. Neco. Neco shut up for god’s sake anyway It happened to us because of you. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Czech! Take your hand off me! – Sibel! A young tree again? You Napýyon! Sibel. Weren’t you with Ramo?

H? What did they do to him? What happened? Hang in there, guys! Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Another mail arrived. Falcon! Dogan! Go home, come here. Wait, guys! Hold on! We are retreating! Go! In this way! We are retreating! Ulan! Dogan! Dogan. You Napýyon? Come in! Come in! Dogan! Dogan! LAN! LAN! Cavidan! Falcon! Dogan! The neighborhood is falling! Falcon!

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Dogan! Aunt! Aunt! Get out! Get out of here! Amal! Amal! Ulan! I have you! Disaster, fast tunnel girl. Get up quickly. LAN! Tumbler! ! Arab Get Fatoş out of here. Go out, go! No brother no. Dad, I’m not going to do organic. Fatos! Go! Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Come, fatoş. I will protect you. Come on. Late, late Arabic. Boz. Boz! We have to get out. The cops are coming.

Okay. Come on, follow me. What’s going on? LAN! Tumbler! Tumbler? Gardas? What happened here … In case of disaster! Children! LAN! What’s going on? I’m listening to you, Süleyman Effendi. I have no words to say. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle If you tighten it often. You always have your say. You still talk. You know these problems. Go on, talk and relax. Come on.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

H? Well. Let me ask then. Who am I? Come on. I have time, I will wait. But should I tell you something? Without knowing who I am I do not come out of this door. I will not do it. Is your tongue kept, Süleyman Efendi? Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Do you speak! P * lan here! What more are you asking for? This is exactly the point. I know I’m p *, who He left me like p * I don’t know him.

Who am I? Put it in succession. You can’t bore me. You’re confusing me with the old successor. With the successor that you have placed in front of this pavilion. HEY? Is not it? Look, he didn’t shoot. He had a lot to lose. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle House, car, strength, He was proud. Everything was at your disposal. But what did you do? What do I have left now? Nothing. You made a mistake, Süleyman Effendi.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

You threw me into the hollow of the past which … I had no soul. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle I was shattered in the depths of hell. I’m never at all! P * not at all! I can easily shake your head … I’ll throw the corpse aside. Cat and dog piss. Come on. Come on, talk. Come on tell me. Who am I? My uncle? We Ape? Musti. Where is your son brother? I don’t know, mom. He was right there.

Wait. My son, my son … come here. Ramon. My son. My mother, Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle I came, my mother. I have come. Hasan? Where is Hasan? For god’s sake, well. I have no idea, aunt. I do not know anyone. X You are fine, aren’t you? Where is my aunt? We do not know. We don’t know anything. Who, where, what is he doing … We don’t know. Come on mom. Come on.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Get up, come on. My aunt? Come on. Go for it. I’ll wait for the hawk and the hawk. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle They said I would come, They said I would come, they would come. By aunt, the police boil. They are already gone. The finder isn’t them, ramo? You won’t be leaving, will you? Of course, I’ll find him, aunt. Will I ever stop? Come on. Come on guys. Come with us.

Come aunt. Slow down! Slow down! Slow down! Hasan? Hasan, come on, calm down, come on. I am still? – Nothing to come. Where’s Ramo? Is he okay? I don’t know, aunt. We are back right away. Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle So that we can see my Garda. But they didn’t, they took it. God knows what they were. But would they bring it here? Maybe outside, maybe he survived.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Don’t think badly, my brother. I hope so. They set the neighborhood on fire. No one was there. I saw a goblet. They shot him in the chest. He lay down in front of the house. My joy is gone. Brother, Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle born? Have you seen Doğan? HEY? I don’t know, my hawk. I do not know. Before I can even look around ErdUlAr çeviriv. shade! Everyone’s here, eh?

I welcome you. – Alpay! Was that you, Alpay? Dishonoring you, dishonorable! What do you think? Trapped me with my garbage, You shot my friend! Do you think you can survive! Do not! Don’t hurt anyone You won’t Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle give Alpay! Look what you are thinking, what are you planning I don’t know, but you are wrong. Use your mind, let’s go. If you stop, I’ll talk to my grandfather, I’ll get rid of him.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Your grandfather survived, yes. Who gets rid of the old man. After that, she will be afraid of my anger. What will he accuse me of? HEY? All this with his grandson I planned together. Isn’t it, neco? Hee alpay. Hee. I’ll give you a ramo Didn’t I say kill? Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle What a fault of these people! May your punishment be God! Shady! My aunt. Obviously, Ramo has been freed from his hand.

Otherwise, you would happily say so now. He survived. Fortunately, Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle I both have loved ones. What are you gonna do to us? If you’re going to kill, kill right away. Do not stop. But tell me something else. Sibel is right. We can find a way to deal with it. I don’t talk to chicks. That’s why you came like this the goods will go alpay. I do not finish my word it does not even allow it.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

It’s true that I have a business conversation with the girls But I like to listen to girls. I love their sounds. What do you do! What do you do! HEY! What do you do! You have it! Leave it! Let’s do! You sit. Your alpay … Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Calm! HEY! Shut up. Now I have to think about it. Two years ago Let her have a little body. Let me try a bigger one too. Or? Curly, curly. Or?

In the cabin. Whoa! What are you doing? You’re crazy! He became crazy. I went mad because you drove me mad. The demons have come to me. Yahu is our thirty-fifth arrival here. Why are we doing this? Why do we travel so much? Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Am i your bag You left? – Did he walk through it? You are doing it on purpose. What am I going to do knowing?

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

– You do it on purpose. Why should I do it on purpose? – You do it on purpose. Why are you getting the same thing again? HEY? Do it so I can panic. Why you all you sculpted? Am I chiseling myself? – Yeah, you sculpt yourself. If you sculpt yourself a bit. Can I guess? – Yeah, don’t get started. You are so rude. Am I rude – You are mean.

Such macho attitudes. You say that I am not like the others but you are like them. You don’t realize it. What should be done? – How should that be done. While I dance with you I said this sentence. You say it here now. What should he do now? Anyway ramo, come on. I will wear it. Come on, come on, okay. Everything is suitable for beauty, Here we go, come on.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Would you like to go out I’ll try the things I bought. Sibel. Exit. Alright, you know. I’ll take it out in front of you. You watch it. I’m not telling you … You are doing it on purpose. I want you to go crazy. Let me be crazy … You want me to go crazy. Go crazy, what will happen. Is it so? Phone. My phone is ringing. Yes … my phone is ringing. My father is calling. My father is calling. Mister dad?

Well i’m shopping now. Ramo? With me. Or? Him, he, okay. Already out of here we will go there dad. Him, I haven’t forgotten, I haven’t forgotten him. OKAY. OKAY. I kiss, goodbye. Come on. Can’t you try like this? Let’s go, we … Seen in … this … Take it, take it. Get these pants. Its very important. Let’s go out, come on. What does your father say? We had to go to Missis.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

He had a meeting and I forgot. What are you doing What are these movements? Sibel. Look, it’s hard for me anyway … don’t complicate it. I’m not doing anything difficult. What are you looking at? Sorry uncle. Good successor. Do what I say. We will communicate. Has drunk? Brother Ramo. Brother, are you okay? My brother, how are you?

The Arab called me, he said, come on. I didn’t know you were here, brother. It’s okay? Don’t you have any injuries, my brother? I’m fine, lion, I’m fine. Come on, let’s talk inside. What does Ramazan Effendi say? Alpay overturned the table. Everyone who gathered. Hey, I just forgot. Your grandchildren also took it. So if I don’t interfere … Look at the work of this god.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

I saved you again. Unleash me. – God, why? Successor, shake me up. This bloodless alpay I’ll finish your job. Anything you want after that I’ll tell you. Why do I trust you? Successor … You know me. You grew up in my hand. I keep a promise. Law. You keep your word. But I can’t hear about it. OKAY. My word. Slow, slow. Combustion. Whatever you know, I know a lot.

I saw the Tumbler. The yacht lying on the ground like that … I saw it too. He did it for us. To save us. To flee to put forward. May Allah have mercy on him. Amen. Brother, there is something. Cavidan. They say he was shot. What? Is he dead? Say something. Is he dead! Fatoş I don’t know either. I heard it from someone else. Arab. – Come on, man? Send someone.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Who’s what, what, let’s learn so we can help you. Brother, I kind of go on my own. I can’t reach anyone anyway. The police took most of it. What are we going to do, my dear? What do you think? I have to think. The good thing is, Alpay was left alone. With the commission when you can destroy me He chose to take over the table. The good thing is … Who knows what is the bad side?

You can take whatever you want. Our loved ones are in your hands. As such, we have to agree. You say it, garda … if he takes power, he kills us first. If we don’t kill him, of course. Yılmaz, I was trying to reach you too. How is the news? Solomon? OKAY. I’m waiting for news. Solomon appeared. The commission meets. The commission has met. For me.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Very well. So let me nod to these. Faruk? My aunt. Why do we perish like the partridge? What if we do something? We will wait, Hasan. Ramo finds a way. He finds them, we don’t have time. They don’t correct us. What should be done? I don’t know, aunt. Falcon! Stay calm. Look … The case begins. Who knows what he will want for us.

I don’t know yours but If they want Ramo’s life, He gives his life. It’s my fear. I hope he won’t settle for anything. Just when we say all is well, look what happened to us. I’m still sorry for the name neco. I swear I didn’t know. Really. Cut your voice! Don’t talk too much, look at the camera. What are you doing As you can see, Alpay must strike left the men alive.

Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

One is Solomon, the other is Ramo. Does he live without a lineage? How is it registered? Ask your clumsy men. However, ours had packed and delivered. Ramo cannot escape. We have. How can we alpay Let’s deal with it, let’s talk about it. When Ramo is messing around, he took the task out of the way. He wants to face it.


It bothers you seems not to have done it. We have nothing to do with you, Solomon Aga. We love and count. Our problem is ramo. He killed the head of two families. The fist is not counted in the fight. Whatever happens, Let’s stop this war first. Solomon is right. Whose account then If there is one, it is put on the table. His case is heard. Who gets his reward, a punishment.


Ramo Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Lady’s music We cut it, we cut it. I want more enthusiasm, please. More enthusiastic. Yes, are we ready? The last, two, three … What are you doing – Me … You watch again. No, when I can’t see you on stage, I said let me see. I don’t have a scene today. I came to talk to the boss, he doesn’t. He runs away. He won’t give my money away. What’s new cino?

– I’m fine. I want to go home. Our taxi driver is not coming. The man wants his money, and rightly so. I leave you. He cino? Did you bring Neslihan? – They’re here, sir. Dad. Daddy, be fine soon.

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