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what’s this? Follow us on Facebook so that we can release other installments very soon. Your encouragement will make us work fast . Wait for the next installment to be at your service very soon. (Ramo Series) Helicopter Allah they are coming.Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle Wake up, wake up, wake up Lane, uptick, what’s up son? Keep them coming, Masti.

Helicopter What is a helicopter? Sound the alarm son wake up they are coming. get up! get up! get up get up! get up! get up Optic? Police have raided Run and wake up your father They are coming! Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle They are coming Your mother won’t let him sleep. Aunt what’s going on? What is it? They all come together. Don’t listen, just run and wake up Ramu.

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

All units, 10 minutes to target. What is happening? Coming from outside. get up! get up The raid is on, gentlemen Gentlemen like this Mother! Dad Son what happened then? Did you pee again? What does that have to do with it,Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle mom? Police raid the neighborhood What are you doing? Turn your back Hassan, the police have arrived.

I heard, I heard The police are coming. Come on, hurry up. run run run Why don’t you wake up? Come to the barricade did you get it? did you get it? come come Come here, brother Get in, get in,Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle quick We are approaching the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation. let’s go ! Let’s put aside all obstacles, friends, let’s go The police are coming,

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

wake up Long run! We are approaching from the west. All units, five minutes to target. Let them come, fear not. nothing happens We are approaching from the east gate. Estimated time of arrival is two minutes. Helicopter 1, roads.Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle Run out of there Search everywhere Look left and right. No help? Now we are at the beginning of the street.

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

We look forward to your orders. Don’t let them escape Run, run, run, run! run run All units, surround the area! Understood. Keep your eyes open , let go, let go! Toma 1 is entered from 23rd Street. Got it,Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle I’m going there now. Toma 2 entered at 114th Street. All units, we are detaining all elements that you consider suspicious. Understood sir.

You on the other hand We are on 114th Street. Suspects have appeared here. Wait, wait, wait, wait run away Hurry this way get out! Come here let ‘s go! Stop there What is happening?Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle I did not do anything Run, run, run, run, run Coming this way! let’s go ! Let’s stand up! get up Team 1, approaching the suspect’s home. –

Got it, ok. We are about to enter the house. Lie down, lie down, lie down on the ground Why should we lie down, dear we women? kneel down slow down! What’s going on?Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle She is your mother’s age. Shhh! For God’s sake, Doan. what mother Shut up, search everywhere. Team 4 continues the search. Understood Many weapons were seized.

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

However, the search for the main accused is on. Understood center. Team 1, we were unable to locate the suspect at his location. We continue to search. All units, we are continuing to search the surrounding area for the suspect named Ramu.Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle Understood Stop running, look over there is he there let’s go! Come on! Suspicious people are running.

Did our Genghis Bei participate? i did brother? I want to apologize, I thought when Chichak called Now this, smallpox is in front of me. This animal says, no stuff, has flown. We don’t know where he is, he is asking me too.Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle I am asking you now, Sihan. Who flew the equipment that only you and I knew about? Brother, believe me, I don’t know either.

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

So I am worried about such a situation. I mean how dare the brother do such a thing? Bro, earlier someone got serious about this matter and blew up the batch. I don’t know brother whether you believe or not. Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle There is nothing to know about it. One of us is either you or me Brother, I will call you soon Chechak, Genghis Hey Genghis Hey Genghis Hey Genghis! Hey Genghis Breathe, breathe Let him eat, Sibel.

He is already weakened. I remember eating like a human being Well, prison is hard, Sultan I will not let this happen again. But you will be careful and stick to my word. Give my son a turnip. Now, uncle,Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle how long do you call it? I’m telling you they come in dollars. You don’t understand I can’t go down any further. Well uncle we buy in turkish lira, you say a lot. or patience Son,

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

you have no intention of taking it, don’t make me too busy. Come on Masti, your uncle’s stomach is full Uncle for the last time. Hey, I’m yours The lawn? Damned bastard. He robbed my shop, Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle Asmat, catch them orange What are you doing? Man fears Allah put on Why did your son stop? Get well soon, it’s a blessing You can’t walk in with arms like that.

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

They carve men. Real Guess what, that area is a pumper’s area. Pumpers are one of Adana’s most vicious gangs. They do smuggling. Many places have hidden stations. People go and buy illegal gas.Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle That’s why they call it a pumper. Of course Whatever you’re looking for, they’ll have it, of course. Checks, promissory notes, collections, tributes,

parking At their head is a young man named Ramu. I have never seen him, but he is a brave man. Some say that the oppressed is with the poor. Still, he’s psychotic, son. There is a mafia boss named Genghis Yildirim.Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle Boss of Adana. Ramu works for him, he is a bad guy. If it were up to you, the phone would ring. Look, look, isn’t this a great tool? Let’s try.

Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

I got you, Masti! Where were you? Huh? Are you chasing the wanderer again? Aunty Fadan is calling me Baba, see you. Memo! Don’t run, come here I will catch you anyway. Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle I didn’t tell you to go around with that dirty memo again, so I told you. I will hang you from the ceiling by your ears? you do not say. Well now I say! You stole again, didn’t you?

What was in that box? Drone Nero? Drone drone. Like a helicopter. A flying camera. Aunty, at least leave my ear. Shhh! Now I will tell your uncle so that you don’t see.Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle There is a flying camera. how much. Hop hop brother. welcome brother What did you do son of your marriage, Arab?

Does not matter Emil continues to draw him nothing about him, nothing about him. I swear I’m bored. I’m sweating all over, bro. Don’t worry son, do what she says. Ramo Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

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