Osman Ghazi Historical Series In Urdu

Osman Ghazi Historical Series In Urdu The Turks ordered the enemy at full speed. Entered the lines and again in the center of the Byzantine army it was a great battle curve that these soldiers use. They are famous for the swords Eee Swords. Straight swords used by Westerners. In contrast, it has a cutting effect rather than a penetrating effect. It is also light on horseback. Makes it easy to use with this gun.

The force we apply is the edge of a sword written on its surface, so you throw it. Horizontally also and much more effective if we are among friends, try the force we use is at the tip of the sword. Let’s see, the driving force of this rebellion is really great. Strong, but more than that. I cut this attack arrow under the rain. Decay came for all attempts to repulse the Byzantine troops despite the fact that the Ottoman army was superior. Byzantine soldiers are saving their lives. The empty pass had begun in the right place to retreat,

this Bursa Erdost records with his troops. Together they began to spread before the gate These castell vgt rates are part of the army. Actions were taken to keep him out of the gate with the participation of Ottoman soldiers. a I am Uthman B., to help the Byzantine army escape. It was supposed to be a deterrent because these guys would eventually meet him again. Perpetuate this work he wanted to give these Turkish cells survived the Byzantines. The medical capture of Usman Bey and his Byzantine soldiers.

Osman Ghazi Historical Series In Urdu

They were looking for Techforce about them. Osmanbey Castell To reach a furnace If we were born on the moon while working, your skirt is your nose. Clashes with the seconds of prayer and his men. Then AydoÄźdu entered with a penny. Died in the struggle Castle Osman Bay has flats on the streets. Crossed the tick on the battlefield. Seeing each other they came to the plantation then they voted a magnificent rose. Osmanbe is the man who delivered the final blow. It is in the air that I am Osman B., the only bakery of the nephew in the hope of eating the dead has met with an unexpected sight while you protect the Ottoman soldiers. Retracted after removal and decoration follows Uthman b.

They knew it was coming in three different directions. Gradually save at least two tekfurun to be sure how many will bloom somehow. He decided I am Uthman B. It could be here daily and he had already made up his mind. Only one person is responsible for the nephew’s death. He didn’t want to leave his blood on the ground after the problem. The first step in the grieving process is to avenge your birth.

This filter then went on for hours but Osman Bey did not leave his mark. When I feel lost. Take refuge in his Bat Fortress nearby, chase between the two groups and cross the Skirt Huron and cross the Horse Bridge. Palace ended with boredom. o Your pen, Othman Bey, I am Othman Bey.

Of course, this refers to his takeover. Otherwise, the victory of the city, he said that it will be done. He said that there was a condition. This is the Ottoman army again. Cross the bridge and step into your own land. I am now Osman B. Establishing authority over political powers we see the beginning of the Byzantine. Takeover handing over to him. Want it and even get it. Othman Bey had enough power to determine the condition of this al-Babat Takfur. agreed, and no Ottoman soldier violated the agreement years after it was made.

The Great Seljuk History Episode 1
The Great Seljuk History Episode 1

In Nah Kya, Usman Bey got the PTT groove. Hello, Turks today were signed by Khali Jang for sure. Yes, all of them are received now. The punishment he will give here has arrived. This is the second Android OS and Mihail Osman. He had lost two great battles against B. In the face of his unstoppable rise to power, the Ottoman Empire is no more.

They had to find new solutions to maintain the born in this month killed Tekfur yt. The sentence was clear I am Usman, first, you take it on your walls. He will kill her in front of her and then in her city. All these victories have been in this house for centuries. Ottoman rule that would continue. This will be the beginning

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