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Destruction of bombs in Operation Latakia and Usak I congratulate you and your operation on success. Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Sanan, get well soon too. how are you? Destruction of bombs in Operation Latakia and Usak I congratulate you and your operation on success . Sanan, get well soon too. how are you? Thank you, Chief. I’m fine, just a minor bruise.

Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Screw Yildirim. The curse of Europe. Screw Yildirim has become a real problem for all countries because of his past investments. And countries that export technology to us. A continuation of Raphael’s Butler efforts. Yes, Abraham. Screw Yildirim will break ground on a major technology investment in Oshak today.

Of course, the way to stop a screw bay is to kill it So how do you do it? Kamil Kara in her interrogation at the police station… …He talked about some surprises after knocking on the boxes .Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle He said that if you block someone , someone will die, and the businessman will also die. They may have targeted the groundbreaking ceremony.

I think Sniper! The sniper sniffed the sniper. This is one method. Any other ideas? Or when leaving your residence… This is also a good idea. The best hotel and prime location is also. to control, is my job. Ibrahim, you ordered them to prepare. Yagiz knows the area. Let us know what you think too. This country needs Screw Yildirim!

come on President, Rafael has arrived…Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle I have arrived. Go outside! While you’re here dreaming … …and there are reports of defeat from Latakia and Usk , do you even realize this or not? Do you know how to train field staff in Rafale Agency? Don’t make all these excuses Asif! You would have been in this organization if you had been careful.

You will take action, not me! I make tea. Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle And drinking is your job. That merchant is going to die, you understand that? By making your tea, will that city be found in it? do you understand Number 1, are you in your place! Number 1, absolutely! Everything looks clear from here. Number 2, get ready No. 2, Ready. We are waiting.

Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Number 3, how are things there? We are waiting, keep calm for now. In the target room. We were told that it will take ten minutes . Sanan! Are you back checking? There is no movement, the environment is very safe. Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle How is your wound? Of course it’s no problem! It will be slanted. Ahmad. how is everyone Clear Last 5 minutes, we’re running out of time.

Number 2, how are you?Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle We are still waiting bro, nothing. I’m seeing something on the build roof is anyone else seeing this? no no no This looks like a gun, let’s go. Target found, he ‘ll be out the door soon. With attention Good morning, Sadr. Good morning Begum. Did the team reach Ankara? Do you have any information?

Ibrahim just informed me that he is coming, my president. Any news about Yagis? No news from him? Wasn’t Yags with the team, my president? No. He was going in another car. I’m calling him, but it’s off. Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle He may have gone back to sleep! I do some research about it and let you know soon chief Okay fine! I think he must have fallen asleep But Ms. Ezell is very worried here.

I am calling now sir. what he said? Did he say anything? welcome. Yagiz Ali Datikon! Look how big you’ve grown. – What are you doing bro? What should I do, brother? Don’t you see in front? Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle What should I do, the boy suddenly jumped in front of me! Use it properly. And operate it properly You are both guilty and strong! – Why don’t you take care of the baby?

No, it’s evening, isn’t it? Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle What happened to this boy? Aren’t you her father, brother? No, he doesn’t know how to drive Who is this child? This is my baby! Who are you fighting for? The kid is dying here, grab him! Hold it, hold it. What have you done? Begum Sahib Good morning Hamza. good morning. We are not even poached by Yagis.

The President and Mrs. Aysel are also worried. I was going to ask if you have any information on this. no! He went out with his car yesterday. We didn’t even talk on the way. Well, if you get any news , let us know too? Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Of course. Take care of yourself. The person you are calling is currently unavailable. Wow! Why did you tie it? It? President…

Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

Yagiz Ali is not a prisoner! Rather, it is our guest All right, sir It is clean inside. Motion sensitive cameras are not enabled. There is no equipment inside. So he never lived here.Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle What does the maid say Hamza? The person who did not even go to service because he knew that he was not here for two days. Well, let’s take a look here.

Staying at your friend’s house… …I’m thinking your phone battery is dead, but… … a voice inside me is saying that something is bad. I will also look at road cameras. It will be known sir Ibrahim any news? He is not at home, sir. Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle Hamza just checked. We think he is staying with a friend. Have they seen our house? Didn’t he go there?

Why should he go to our house? Don’t you have a key? Off… I don’t know! Abraham, we’re on our way. If you get any news, let me know ok sir Watch the footage and tell me about it , Begum, I’m going out. Okay fine Accept my condolences. Thanks. Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle – My condolences. -Thanks. Good luck my dear friend.

Thanks, Rafael. Fagan was a good friend to us and a great helper to you. There is nothing to say. She found her husband. Some things we cannot avoid. However, we have partners who have specialized in this field. What can I say about the man who fell in the bathroom and hit his head on the stone, Raphael? Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle There is a stone, there is a stone, Berrol Bay.

Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

If it was me, I’d see who did it. I am very sorry Mr. Yildere. My condolences. Thank you for coming. Mr. Birol. Miss Eason. This is Raphael Our very close friends from the Israeli Consulate General . Esen Alpacaya! I have heard your praise. I wish you continued success Thank you very much Mr. Raphael. – Thanks. Shall we go to the pool?

As you wish With your permission. speak up Leave your phone! I will call you. I have an important job. I’m sorry to say. I spoke to Hamza. Nothing came out of Yagis house either. When he left Oshak, he said he had a private job! – Do you know about it? – I wish it was! Ahmad! These M-4s have failed again! Don’t ask Abraham, they are all old now.

Any news from the MKE inventory? The indigenously produced National Infantry Rifle, MPT-76, passed all the tests successfully. By outsourcing three or four times to your closest competitors . We will receive them all from MKE today and tomorrow. Well, hurry it up. Melee weapons and ballistic vests? They upgraded the MP-5 submachine guns.

We will receive them with ballistic vests . Fantastic! You should see Abraham. Looking at these guns… I remember what my late father told me about the battle of Cyprus and the aftermath of Ibrahim. If the war had continued for two more days, we would have had no more bullets to fire. While we needed two boxes of American ammunition that day, today we have a domestic defense industry.

May Allah be pleased with the person who gave this idea and who made it. Amen Don’t worry, Ezel. Yagis know exactly when to do what. There is no confirmed information about this disappearance yet You’ll see, the Yagis will come out soon. You said with your mouth that he knew what to do. Do you imagine that Yagis is deliberately scaring us ?

no! No! Something has happened to my son. Don’t say that, don’t say that I don’t know, he’s tired. He might be staying in a hotel room He may have fallen asleep in his car Then why is his phone off? Who knows, its battery may have died due to lack of charging . You shouldn’t have invited him here, Murat I wish you hadn’t called! We wanted our son to be close to us.

Did I make a mistake, Aisel? If it was far away, it would be fine until I knew it was fine there. But I told you, Murat. I said my heart is always afraid I said that I cannot live thinking that something will happen to my son, my husband. If not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow then the next day. no! No! I know what is going to happen to me.

If anything happens to my son, I will never forgive you I will never forgive Murat Devran sir Raphael will be here soon. I understand, sir Neither he nor anyone else knew about the Yagis No one It will not happen, President. Mr. Raphael excused himself, he had some important work to do and had to go. What were you saying?

We were talking about taking someone intelligent and hardworking with us instead of a dead person. Means Gokchi. You seem to care a lot about this woman . no! I ‘m just trying to help you Gokchi Arugula Miss Essen… … There are two conditions for this to happen. Loyalty and service. Remember them all What did they say?

Milat Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitle

All for one, one for all. Sorry if I hurt your trust. When we first met, I knew a proud, arrogant but passionate woman. You are here today because I believed in you that day. Ender Jam instead You cannot be of us or of us, Ender Gümüş. May Allah forgive your sins. So did you do it? said the boss. One for all. Loyalty and service, Ms. Essen.

Never forget this. The future is achieved by leaving the past in the past . I will wait for Gokchi Arugula at ten tomorrow morning. Okay fine Don’t read me fairy tales! You will get it, do you understand? I want to know who did it and where they took it. Amy John! Gokchi, my daughter! good morning how are you Fine and you?

We are fine too, daughter. We haven’t talked for a long time so I was thinking about you and I thought I’d call and ask about the situation. I pray for you every day, daughter. Thank you mom. We are all with you but then we say… If our daughter is doing good work for the country and the nation, then the rest is not important.

So, how is your work? You have no problem, daughter? No mom, good. No problem, everything is fine. Your father has just left. He wanted to ask you what you were doing He said that Tuğçe should not forget to send his school pension. I said tugce and he did n’t call us for a long time. If you call and ask what my girl is doing? Okay fine I handle everything.

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