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Rahmi Chitak was working for the Mossad in Turkey until March 2011. Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle. Then, when the civil war broke out in Syria, he suddenly disappeared. All we know is that he trained terrorists and sent them for some operations in Turkey. While the Mossad is completing its internal accounting. Two terrorists escaped from it We put the pictures of Raja and Furqani in the system.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

All the cameras of Ankara have been put in them They will come from somewhere. Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle We should all be careful. If we don’t want a bloody day, we need to catch these people as soon as possible.

Hold on! Did you say bloody day? Yes, I said bloody. What month is it today? 29 May 1 is two days away. Our Sinjar is a good student, Ibrahim sir. Believe me, till yesterday we had no problem. Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle But yesterday his teacher brought these pictures. Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle These are not paintings that a guy like Sinjar can do. Recently on chaos and silence And when these pictures were added,

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

I wanted to talk to you. I don’t know what changes are coming in your life, but Unfortunately, what happened affected Sanjar badly. can i sit does it hurt? Do you know where is the place that hurts the most? Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle Leg? head? Heart Heart Sometimes it hurts me too. Sometimes bigger Dad Tell me, son. will you die Raja and Furqani have been missing for two days. If you look at the news of May 1 bloodshed provocations These two terrorists may be at work tomorrow. Begum.

Mobis, traffic, security and private sector in the city We will follow all camera systems. Apart from this, the areas in which the shows will be held The face match system will be activated. These two terrorists were used as suicide bombers in public. of workers participating in the demonstration It is also possible for them to pose as riot police

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

. That’s why you and your team from early morning You will follow the plan developed by Gokchi. The plan is in front of you in the files. Residential areas for you and your team The things you look to do and your action plans Details are in the files. Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle friends I have only one request from you. attention A slight carelessness,

a wrong move It can cause the death of many innocent citizens. We had discussed earlier what will be the result of these deaths. Now go home and rest. May Allah help you We are workers, we are workers! We are workers, we are workers! We are workers, we are workers! – We are workers, we are workers! We are workers, we are right,

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

we will win! We are workers, we are right, we will win! We are workers, we are workers! We are workers, we are workers! We are workers, we are workers We are workers, we are workers! We are workers, we are workers! We are workers, we are workers! If he had pressed that button three seconds earlier, I would have gone.

We were afraid that something would happen to you. Look at me, wait a minute! I can’t bear to see anything happen to anyone else, according to him The bomb that’s mean It is possible to sit at the funeral in honor of the dead. Real? The elder Agha Bay went away. Eagle Agha Bay! Asif Demir. I sent him on his last overseas operation.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

In Prague, he and two of his men were exposed If we had saved, we would have caused an international crisis. We left the three of them there.When the case was settled, I and the late Agha Chairman We tried hard to get them back, but it didn’t work. go to jail He convinced himself that we sacrificed him. He became hostile to the organization.

He cooperated with the other party. we too To close the file permanently. Do not reopen. that’s mean Not because of his family, is it? “He who does not know the amount of Asif, is not Sulaiman” “That ignorant man is not a man in the universe.” Got it, Gokuchi. Where did you say? Okay fine By the way, you don’t leave Essen empty tonight. Okay fine Assemble the team. Two cars are waiting outside. Illegal delivery of arms.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Gokchi will give information along the way. Understood, Chairman. -Be careful -Yes sir You amaze me more every day. I’m here for that. I wonder if you know the company’s founding anniversary. No So what is it? Don’t be ruthless. You chose this day on purpose, didn’t you? Let’s just say I don’t like tasteless celebrations. I like your cruelty.

I already knew we would do great with you. We’ve taken care of the hard part. After that, it will explode like a stock I cannot think differently from you. I’m just helping you fulfill your plans. But you deserve this job.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Why don’t we celebrate this? I do not understand Let’s celebrate it. We deserve it Let’s have dinner together. I will take you to a beautiful place. Well, however you like. Okay beautiful Auto Industry We are on 12th Street. It is true They closed the end and beginning of the road for repair purposes. The workers seen are armed.

If you want reinforcements We’ve seen overcrowding, we’ll handle it. Isn’t it friends? We will solve it. Okay fine We’re getting started guys Their burden is heavy. Come to your place. Ease for all Thanks welcome sir thank you welcome hello I Arman, owner of Etel. Let’s go inside Two people holding western arms.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Warehouse is 150 meters away. Sanan, what do you see? There are five people in front of the warehouse. There are four people in front and one person on their O. Hamza How many people can you count? There are ten people outside. I can’t see what’s inside. what shall we do? Shall we begin? You have the command. let’s start Guys,

I’m starting the operation, are you ready? We found our position. We are ready Come on Bismillah! Come on Bismillah The harder we work, the tougher Turkish intelligence is. We also saw this on May 1st. Even though our men were so well trained, they could only blow themselves up. Mr. Kubeski and Mrs.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Berg Two important scientists on mass psychology and provocative action. With all my work, you called me for a lesson, Rafael? No, on the contrary.

Two such important people Only an important person like you can protect Asif. Armaan can’t protect this place? This is a company, Asif I am not protected in my company.The people we have delivered to protect the order we have established Sometimes we may not be satisfied with their behavior I am going to the editorial office.

They are attacking everywhere. From toddlers to adults. From east to west, everywhere, for everyone. From energy policies to international relations.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Their goal is chaos Anxiety and death It has been learned that incidents will continue to increase until the general elections of June 7. For this they will try all means from random measures to scientific studies. Begum what are the recent solutions? We are looking for Israeli professors. In the afternoon, Sinan,

Ahmed and Ibrahim will start their work at the appointed place. What about the baby? Barul tankers crossed the border sir. Later that night, they arrive at Ender Energy Storage. When will Essen move? I hope tomorrow.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Do you hope? A technical glitch, Chairman, we couldn’t meet tonight. If you allow, I will take care of it today. Hamza? This afternoon at the restaurant where Asif met me Then one of our men has started working, the chairman. There’s just one problem. What kind of problem? Restaurant Manager Status Choklu Very close to the airport by Ankara police.

He was found dead in an open field. This is Asif. Chairman, the controversy is over as we wanted it to be. Beautiful Duran Have you ever tried to drive a nail into an elephant’s foot? No, Chairman Where can I get an elephant? According to this Israeli professor While the elephant whose foot was nailed jumps in pain Other elephants will do the same. that’s mean that’s mean

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Don’t look at the jumping elephants. Above, look who put that nail in that trap. There is right and wrong. are you ready Come on. I thought you might want to take a look. Is it funny? For a moment, I imagined you as an old-fashioned executioner.

Now whether this is good or bad, I don’t understand. I swear it’s good for me, I don’t know about you. Get my car ready, I’m going. what will you do? Well, I’m here a little longer I have to prepare for the evening.

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

Don’t forget the fireworks. I thought we were going to a funeral. I will become the best before your image changes in my eyes. one minute come on Welcome brother. Chairman Please sit down. I saw you in trouble. I’m worried bro. InshAllah you can find a solution to my problem. If there is anything I can do, I will be happy to do so, Chairman.


Have you ever had something come up in the system that you couldn’t access? I am seventy-one years old, Chairman. What is the system when handwriting is stopped? What if I ask you for a number? Of course, the problem What is 89486? apologies Sorry, of course. apologies what is the meaning of this? In the past,

Miat Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

our field staff were given simple codes for their secret messages. Like the numbers on the phone. Now it has improved a lot. This is the number you asked me This is from our field employee with the sorry code name. Who is this? This is beyond me, Chairman. Since when has this happened?

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