Kurulus Osman

I did not Kurulus Osman think for a moment that Hasan Bhai was helpless. If you are with someone, not against him. It is impossible for him to feel helpless.

Do not do this. Kurulus Osman Do not do this. Do not play with my settings. don’t make me mad You are already crazy. Let’s sit down. Where is yaws? I told

him, he is coming. You danced the strokes on your finger. You said that you will give money. to survive Who died of lies. Krashat.

What was Erkan’s problem with Kirshat? I dont know. Why didn’t he kill you, Erkan played such a game. I don’t know him at all.

My style is a little different. What is your style ? I. First I destroy my enemy. I’ll see why later.

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