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With so many options on the market, how can I choose a good and cheap web hosting that meets my needs? Many people have this same question, as there are different types of website hosting on the market and many different plans.

We’ll show you how to choose cheap web hosting that fits your needs.

What is website hosting?

This solution works as a storage and availability of the files that make up your website on a shared remote server, controlled by the company you chose to hire.

It’s like renting a virtual space for your pages, also shared by other sites, since it’s a shared service.

What are the types of website hosting?

  • Shared hosting: It is the most common and most used among the types of hosting. Because it is a type of cheap hosting that offers several features that serve small and medium-sized companies, it offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio. It consists of a server shared between several different websites.
  • In many cases, shared hosting offers unlimited websites, databases, transfer and disk space, with an SSL certificate included, website builder and 24/7 support. This case presents the best cost-benefit because despite the value being a little higher, it is a complete accommodation with features and inclusions that make the difference in everyday life.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): In this type of hosting, through virtualization, a robust physical server is divided into several virtual servers virtually isolated from each other. Despite sharing physical resources, processing, traffic, disk space and RAM are fully dedicated to each virtual private server.
  • Cloud hosting or VPS hosting: offers dedicated and exclusive resources of a Virtual Private Server, but with the same functionalities of shared hosting. You take care of the websites and applications, while the provider is responsible for the infrastructure.
  • Dedicated server : it is more expensive, private and suitable for large companies that need high performance, availability and customization.

But after all, what is the best website hosting for me?

This answer will vary a lot! The first step is to understand what your needs are, the timing of your business and how much you want to spend.

How big is your website or the project you want to put online? It can be small, medium or large. To make your answer easier, consider the number of pages it will have, the sections and content on each page.

Another important point is the type of site. Will it be a blog, an institutional website or an e-commerce?

There are many options! What can I consider cheap web hosting?

And truth! There are actually a lot of cheap website hosting options on the market today.

And the vast majority of websites are well served by cheap shared hosting for small to medium sized websites because it takes up relatively little disk space.

Keep in mind that the essential features of cheap shared web hosting are storage, disk space, transfer, domain, security certificate, email accounts and technical support.

To find the best cheap web hosting solution then, you must consider the type of web hosting, the features offered, the annual fee, technical support service and of course, the purpose of your website.

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