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For a website to be viewable, it needs to be hosted on a server. Website Hosting is a solution that “rents” space on a server also shared by other websites, with resources that guarantee online presence, such as domain and e-mails.After all, what is Web Hosting?

This solution works as a storage and availability of the files that make up your website on a shared remote server, controlled by the company you chose to hire.

It’s like renting a virtual space for your pages, also shared by other sites, since it’s a shared service. It is the cheapest solution to put a website online and also the cheapest and most popular, ideal for blogs or websites with low to moderate traffic (since it is a shared server with other websites, it does not allow many simultaneous visits).

What are the types of Website Hosting?

  • Shared hosting: It is the most common and most used among the types of Hosting. Because it is a type of cheap Hosting that offers several features that serve small and medium-sized companies, it offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio. It consists of a server shared between several different websites.

    In many cases, Shared Hosting offers unlimited websites, databases, transfer and disk space, with an SSL certificate included, website builder and 24/7 support. This case presents the best cost-benefit because despite the value being a little higher, it is a complete hosting with features and inclusions that make the difference in everyday life.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): In this type of hosting, through virtualization, a robust physical server is divided into several virtual servers that are virtually isolated from each other. Despite sharing physical resources, processing, traffic, disk space and RAM are fully dedicated to each virtual private server. 
  • Cloud Hosting: It offers dedicated and exclusive resources, with the same panel as Website Hosting.
  • Dedicated server : It is more expensive, private and suitable for large companies that need high performance, availability and customization.

What are the differentials of Hosting Locaweb Sites?

  • unlimited resources Sites, databases, transfer and disk space. All Locaweb Website Hosting plans offer these resources unlimitedly. However, a shared server, with several sites sharing resources, if a site consumes an excessive amount of memory or CPU, the other sites on that server will feel the effects, such as slow access or failures in availability. For this reason, it is very important that your site uses good programming, performance and security practices.
  • emails The quantity and space are larger than those offered in the market. From 3 accounts of 10 GB on the Go plan. In addition, accounts can be distributed between hosted sites and additional emails can be contracted.
  • Complete Website Builder included Complete tool for creating a website with a “drag and drop” system, professional templates based on market segments and image bank. This feature is very important, as Hosting Sites does not require technical knowledge.
  • Free domains on all plans Hosting Sites offers free domain included in the first year, which must be done at the time of hiring. This is a differential, as most companies restrict this offer to the annual plan.
  • Latency Unlike most competitors, Locaweb’s datacenter is in Brazil, which brings a lower latency time advantage (server response), which directly contributes to a better experience for visitors.
  • Migration You can migrate websites and emails for free. Just get in touch, explain your project or application and Locaweb will make an assessment to verify the feasibility of the migration.
  • 24×7 support Every day of the week and at any time, Locaweb offers free support by phone, chat and email. The WIKI is also available, an extensive and complete content repository, with videos and tutorials to help customers with their main doubts.

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Now, if you’ve cleared your doubts and already have all the necessary information, it’s time to choose the right product for your goal:

If you want to manage your blog without worrying about hosting settings and version updates, choose Hosting WordPress .

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