Historical Article Osman Ghazi Episode 4

Osman Ghazi Episode 4 In English & Urdu This Is A Historical Articles Series Real History Of Ottoman Empire In English Only On PakUrdu.com

As the first conquest of the Ottoman Empire, even according to the famous historian Halil İnalcık, the establishment of the state is widespread. Contrary to popular belief, there is no war. This was when it was won over. But sometimes it takes a lot of courage to give up at the right time to drag your loved ones to death, firstly because of the number of people they lost their votes for now Aznik Usman Bey is just a dream,

Usman Bey, Decided to end the siege. Leia loses the second Andronikos war de iz know what saved the Turks so far successful but even though we call them Byzantines. Can his name be true? Due to which they have survived for centuries. Military and economic achievements were not what separated them. Again characteristic after defeat was his ability to know that recovery had taken place. Byzantium was defeated at the Battle of Cavanahsar. The defeat may have taken place,

but the emperors had not yet given up on the next battle. Ready but he wanted to build a large army to permanently stop the progress of Android Osman Bey once again. and Bursa Thanos Castle, fourth from the west Bout and he assembled at tt rate, he ordered them to fight Uthman b. And this absolute emperor is at their disposal.

They have also begun andronikos to prepare for war as soon as possible. It is a mistake to underestimate Osmanbe now. They will not do with mercenary or what a list will be no business love their country to protect their land they need a real army. This repeats all soldiers. They gathered an army and formed an alliance. His forces drove the Ottomans from their lands.

Historical Article Osman Ghazi Episode 4

They were looking for ways to throw. I am Usman Bey, the enemy’s army is assembled. When he received news that Byzantium had arrived. Decided to walk atech oven army / to Yenişehir Osmanbey on the Byzantine route to stop his soldiers before they get close to the city. The real owner of the land film comes across to prove it and the battle is once again in Kovin Hussar. It’s a ticket to a chance at revenge.

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And for the Ottomans, this victory was a coincidence. This was evidenced by Uthman against the Byzantine soldiers. B has D soldiers, both sides are different. Using tactics to come out on top, Usman Bey’s army will work. Almost all horses he can do best in battle. The logical thing is tact. Around the enemy so use to know you better wide and thin prefer a lineup we are gold.

In the center is the infantry and in the rear there are peasants who will support. Usman Bey’s Byzantine cavalry would attempt to encircle his army and act as a deterrent. The armies took their places on the battlefield. I am Osman Bey before this attack. Skilled commanders review their strategies for the last time in a single battle. They casually lined up on the field, took a defensive position,

and waited for them to arrive. Who are the Horsemen of Osman Bay? It started with the order to attack. These iterations are in accordance with Usman Bey’s initiative. He replied, bringing his spears forward. I am Usman Bey, the first line of their rights. When you were lost in the rain. We went through the center with his soldiers. that these Ottoman soldiers were approaching.

Repeat this time with the spears they removed the filters like this is it when you are traveling at km/h? The second and reflex hand draw the line between death and life cavalry. Our enemy must do two things. Shoot at that time and how many are here in his stretching. Men’s spears are the most important. One reason is that soldiers are tall. The enemy uses thin spears.

They were throwing communication distance in between. So they hit again from a distance. The winners of the struggle are determined by individual skills. Among the first known plants are Usman Bey and his Byzantine soldiers. He was struggling in the center of his army. The ability to attack defensively is just as important in these fights if you have a good shield. If you are not,

the enemy will kill you with just one sword. A soldier can destroy with his blows. The core of their shields is made of steel. Remember that it was surrounded by the Habibi Defense. Let’s see how in disguise I hit it. And we are ready to be destroyed, but the steel in the center is still intact, the Byzantine shield protects the wooden body reinforced with iron from all sides thanks to its twisted structure.

When they bring it in front of the soldiers, it is called a wall. It is much higher than the shield of the Ottomans. More durable I am Usman B. We have the right to defend this moment. He was taking heavy losses in front of him. And the Byzantine peasant also limited his ability to move. The Byzantine defensive force at the beginning of the war when we see the momentum that has proven itself. The reason for this is not difficult to understand. Goods from which we compare.

It is clear that he cares more about defense. Every soldier in the Byzantine army, without exception, had three. Basic defense equipment is used by ponies. Helmet chain armor and kite shields protect them from attacks. The clothes of the Ottoman soldiers were light and thin. The enemy mounted archers tasked with abandoning his army Ben Usman Bey’s first target was the javelin throwers.

So that your ammo can be consumed. We actually have to turn to spears. They come into range and they shoot. Their return and return protect yourself from these attacks. So how do they start it? It was the overselling that made it perfect.

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