Historical Article Osman Ghazi Episode 3

Osman Ghazi Episode 3 In English & Urdu This Is A Historical Articles Series Real History Of Ottoman Empire In English Only On PakUrdu.com Then he will appear. I am Usman Bey, telling you what he wanted in Iznik. Not yet achieved The city is starting for birds but it has been almost a year. No progress has been made. These are years that are easy to read and go through history.

We can learn centuries in minutes. But events are too much for historical figures. Osman is also living a slow life. If we say that it happened, Aznik will take his share of the time. So what he spent on his doorstep. The city meant a lot to him. Osmanbi is one of the Byzantine preparations. The hall was still very close to being besieged unknowingly.

Historical Article Osman Ghazi Episode 3

It was going to come out to get his revenge but it was the soldier he still wanted. No. did not reach the support of reinforcements from these emperors. I wanted to but Android show vs sent word to repeat around and from them to the army that would establish this hall. He ordered them to send soldiers. This Takfor was Byzantine territory at that time. given the owners or governors.

It is like Bey in Turks. Politicians were considered semi-independent. Although they allow some liberties in the management of cities, they all depend on the emperor’s reluctance. Do as the Emperors will Buy bananas to fight the militia forces against the Turks. These minions are allocating the army. Akritai was used by Byzantium in the past. He was impressed by your soldierly prowess. In the east of Byzantium, the mission of the Chands was to protect their borders from the Muslims. This is why it is often used against name attacks.

Ottoman Empire History With Usman Bey

Defense consists of trained soldiers. As is the continuity of three months. He used to train the minions seen in the same war with his strategyThey have a very strong defense, especially against hit-and-run tactics. Well now this sweet collar let’s see this trick they bring. After the first attack of the horses has been scorched again and again when the enemy begins to flee.

Violating their rights and counter-attacking they would pass both their long spears and strike the enemy from behind with their lances and the light of the next attack they were sure to take away the city’s last hope of deliverance from Istanbul while entering this zeitgeist. Lia Fields and repeating Mel Usman Bey’s advance to cut off the advance was marching down town for a mu attack on Hall’s leaders.

Ottoman Army Leader Osman Bey

At this two-day distance, a millimeter person reports that the enemy’s army is approaching. delivered to Usmanbay and all the soldiers of his entourage. This situation ordered the collection of the Ottoman Empire. We can say that this is a turning point. Because Byzantium, which has a history of hundreds of years, is small and young, not even a name.

A threat to a Turkish state for himself he saw as the Ottoman army, the first war against the regular army was approaching news of how far the masters had reached and the kingdoms with Osman Bey. They will fight together against Byzantium. Towards Yalova with a thousand soldiers he made a sticker, this is Usman b. to end the siege immediately.

Just follow the south reached the coal head and the Byzantine commander, had decided to set up camp with the darkness, the soldiers were calm. They were sleeping that they would spend a night but this hall was broken by the sounds of these voices from far away. It is good that it belongs to the Turks. I knew I didn’t want to wait for the Byzantines to come to Iznik to solve the problem between Osman and his cavalry of the two states. Will the ice curd also stay on a tough defense?

To those who take these spared counsels. Ordered them to think of a tea chess battle. You can do all kinds of simulations in the game. Usman Bay has his own advantages or disadvantages for attacking first, his names are too strong. So these store minions need to slow my body down. A broad shield wall is stored with this move to prevent the hardest blows of the cavalry.

Protect the more experienced field soldiers. He will use the militia as a cushion. Second, it is very cruel of you to sacrifice a group to protect a group of soldiers. Although at that time it was a period of wars. It was just a bitter truth. The visitors fulfilled their responsibilities. The first blow of Usman Bey’s names they stopped and attacked these hall areas. who were ordered to pass at full speed.

We met the Ottoman cavalry. These areas started resistance against the Ottomans. If he was a banana, he was working for the militia. Crying out for help only fills you with fear. Can’t listen to prayer, I am Usman, your lies are militia. When you see that it is not supported. Ball to the whole army today is Friday. He ordered them to pass through the battlefield.

The four sides of the areas that lost resistance. Ottoman soldiers surrounded. This fear was completely discouraged by seeing even the strong soldier-militias dying one by one on these plains. It was expanding into the rights of Byzantium. When that first soldier threw the shield to the ground. Others behind him are tea wat a his soldier is giving spear and shield.

You can’t go bananas with ten militias in a war, put huge responsibilities on them and now it’s overconfident. Better to pay for his mistake. He had to choose. And the Byzantine commander was victorious from this battle. He realized that he couldn’t get out. Is it war hall again? Left alone the mercenaries escape into the square,

Osman Ghazi Video History

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but Leon has something to say about bananas in the post-war historical record. We don’t get the information, maybe the emperors. He was hanged for his defeat. Maybe I’m saved but it’s obvious. Years of trauma, as we know it. who influenced the family of epistemologists. His family, who bought the banana, did not, after this date, become more prominent in the government,

I Usman Bey with his army. Fighting chest to chest, the last remaining in the square, he also destroyed the Byzantine vestiges. The history of this Koyun Hussar was established anew.

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