Historical Article Osman Ghazi Episode 1

Osman Ghazi Episode 1 In English & Urdu This Is A Historical Articles Series Real History Of Ottoman Empire In English Only On PakUrdu.com

And every great journey begins with a small step, but sometimes they take that step. What will they encounter when they ask the road? Couldn’t guess. But the charm of obscurity makes them. Gives more motivation to move forward. I am Osman Bey, I have done these steps since the 19th century.

Finally began to kill a new state was divided into the Ottoman Empire. One of the most bridged empires in the world stood in preparation for the installation, and the last remaining Byzantine Anatolians were fighting for their land. On his mind, Emperor Andronikos II the Great was just a question, a principality root that didn’t even have a name. An empire based on Rome, how could he stand before it? I’m Usman Bay, I asked this question earlier on Quoyunser.

Truck is then ready to answer the mail he [applause] and in this section the subject history experts martial arts expert is explaining the process. The characteristics of the Kane and Gazelle armies, the strength of weapons, will show the advantages and disadvantages of these troops Hilago, Genghis Khan’s grandson. Al-Khanid state was established by him. The Anatolian Seljuks practiced in their own land under their rule. The policies have thrown the region into complete chaos.

Historical Article Osman Ghazi Episode 1

He said drag the Mongolian edition. The Turks, unable to resist, moved west into Anatolia. They began to draw towards them, then the battle of Mulla, the Seljuks became economically weak. They were going through one of the most difficult times as a military power, so they moved to the capital, Konya. Little by little it began to lose its power.

Ottoman Empire History Part 1

Anatolian student in the darkness slowly westward a border kingdom some special concept that began to shine. Gentleman’s Undertaking refers first to the appointment and administration of territory by guarding the frontiers in the Turkish states. Ertugrul Ghazi, who had the equivalent of a margin, defended the borders of Ertugrul Ghazi against Byzantium under Aladdin’s rule. After the death of Ghazi, this work was done by his son. Usman Bey took over.

Usman Bey was the flight of these Seljuks. Central Government’s gambling of Mongols. He was anxious to come down. These ancestors are at a great cost to Anatolia. Ödemiş titty But now the Turks could not step in without the permission of the Mongols. And also the heavy burdens they paid to the Al-Khans.

Tax Usman irresponsible how his struggle against Byzantium, which was It was disrupting the Turkic geopolitical standoff between two powerful states in the time of Osman Bey, the Mongols in the east. The Byzantine Empire in the west did everything to keep them on their own soil while slowly leaving the Seljuk state. Usmanbe,

Osman Bey Real History In English

like the rest of the Seljuks, were destroyed by the Mongols. To break through the defenses of the Byzantine Empire, one of the western advances must find its way, and the Byzantine Empire was not up to its former greatness, but still the greatest obstacle to the Turkish advance is that it is a stealthy empire to another. . Andronikos and Michael IX continued to protect their homeland and Byzantium, two emperors ruled the country during this period.

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Their young and inexperienced leader Andronikos, his son’s experience in government affairs, then declared the dynasty to be co-emperor to keep him emperor and Osman bey, in a way they share the same fate. A problem of people who have lost their power. During the leadership position they take up but they are inside.

Osman Ghazi Video History

Their reaction to the situation is different. andronikos movie state purpose is old. Usman Bay wanted to start from the beginning to continue the existence of the states and bring it back to the cans for the old days. I am the biggest dream of Usman Bay. Establishing its own state in Anatolia is the most favorable land for dreams,

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the west coast of the peninsula, but to create a new state is as easy as saying it is not the first of Usman Bay to increase cities and fortresses that will increase their power. All he needs nearby is what he wants. There are destinations like Bilecik Koyunhisar. Yenişehir and İnegöl are new cities. It can form a strong foundation for building a state.

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