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If you’re wanting to set up a blog but still don’t know which platform to choose or where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll explain the basics: what is a domain, how to choose a blog hosting and why you need these elements to have a page. We’ll also give you an idea of ​​what it’s like to hire WordPress hosting, a famous tool for managing and creating blogs. Let’s go?

What is it and how to choose my domain?

Let’s start with the definition of Domain: a Domain or Domain Registration is nothing less than the name of your website on the internet. It’s how you will be found by people. To have an exclusive website, just check if the name you chose already exists and, if it doesn’t, register it.

Your website name has to be simple and clear. If the chosen domain is too long or requires some kind of explanation, it is definitely not a good alternative.

You can register your domain in many extensions, the most common is the national one (.br), but you can also choose .com, .net, .org, .info and .name. Do not forget that the choice of domain also needs to take into account the possible developments that the site may have in the future.

Now, let’s move on to step 2: understanding what hosting is.

After all, what is blog hosting and why do I need it to build my website?

Hosting for a blog works like renting a digital space to store your files, since to have a website you need to keep it online 24 hours a day. There are several types of website hosting on the market, that’s where providers of this service come in, offering infrastructure with a datacenter, cooling and resource management.

There are several types of hosting, the main ones are:

  • Free hosting: some companies offer completely free hosting service. However, it is recommended for sites without great pretensions, as it is extremely limited and can compromise performance. But remember, if your business website requires a large volume of visits, for example, hosting of this type is not indicated.
  • Shared Hosting: it is usually the most used and chosen by those who are starting and need to put a website online. It presents the main necessary functionalities and is easy to use, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

    In this case, a management panel is basically offered in which it is possible to control the hosting and carry out the main updates and modifications on the site.
  • Hosting for blog: is a product with a set of resources and functionalities created exclusively to deliver more performance within the technical specifications of the blog tool offered. At Locaweb, you will find WordPress Hosting, which offers an exclusive panel that makes all these processes even easier. This means that in addition to the features, you can install and configure WordPress quickly.
  • Can I create my page without blog hosting?
  • You need hosting to have storage and constant availability of internet resources, that is, to enable your project, website or application to be accessed every day, from anywhere in the world. The type of product you hire can be any one mentioned in the item above.
  • What is the difference between WordPress Hosting and Website Hosting?
  • WordPress has become one of the main platforms for creating and hosting websites, according to CanalTech , 30% of websites on the entire internet are built with this solution. You can’t even deny this fact: if you ask in forums or groups of friends, most will say that they know, have or have used WordPress to set up a blog or website. And the explanation for this is simple: it is an easy to use, versatile and very efficient tool for what it proposes! Another highlight of the solution is that it provides thousands of plugins for everything you need: security, SEO, images, contact forms, site speed and much more.
  • When you hire WordPress Hosting, one of the most significant differences compared to common Hosting is the range of features and functionality created exclusively to deliver more performance within the technical specifications of WordPress. This means that in addition to the features, you can install and configure WordPress quickly. At Locaweb, you also have an exclusive panel that makes all these processes even easier. It’s tailor-made blog hosting!
  • In addition, WordPress Locaweb Hosting differentials are:
  • Software always up to dateIt is important to remember that WordPress is a community with engaged members that propose frequent improvements and updates in the software, from: design, mobile, accessibility, support, plugins, themes and more. Don’t miss any of them!
  • SecurityThe product comes with Let’s Encrypt included, automatically renewed, to ensure a safer environment, in addition to native security plugins: Akismet AntiSpam, Yoast SEO and Wordfence.
  • Unlimited visitsSites hosted in shared environments, with no pre-configured limit on visits

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