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Hiring the  best website hosting  is important to ensure performance, stability and reliability for your website. And to help with this choice, we will show you which is the  best website hosting.

. Hostinger

Best website hosting , Hostinger has 1.2 million users and is present in 178 countries. We use it to host  Best Hosting  and our customers’ websites.

The company now has a free website builder that can be found in the auto-installer, so it’s very easy to use. It has a Wix drag and drop style interface.

Hostinger received the RA1000 seal  from Reclame Aqui , which is only awarded to companies that stand out for offering great customer service.

And there’s still more. If the customer is not satisfied with the quality, the cancellation can be made for any reason within 30 days . In practice, it works as a hosting with 30 days free to test the service.

Furthermore, Hostinger’s server is optimized for WordPress (through LiteSpeed ​​technology). In this way, the  optimization for SEO of the site is facilitated thanks to the cutting-edge technology adopted by Hostinger.

It is worth mentioning that we tested several hosting companies, from the most famous to unknown companies, and Hostinger was the one that made our website load faster. This is thanks to the various website optimization technologies adopted by the company.

Another point highly praised by users of Hostinger hosting  is the intuitive and simple interface of its administration panel, called hPanel . That way, it is not necessary to have advanced technical knowledge to use the best website hosting at Hostinger.

This month Hostinger is offering its most cost-effective plan with a 77% discount .

2. HostGator

The second best web hosting, HostGator has a good value for money, which includes a free SSL certificate . The hosting company is widely recommended for its excellent quality,  for being reliable, secure and meeting the needs of most customers well.

HostGator makes it possible to host websites, blogs and online stores at a fair price. HostGator is a multinational hosting company that arrived in Brazil in mid-2007.

Since it landed in our country, HostGator has been offering website hosting with personalized service, payment in real and many other advantages. In this way, it eliminates the need to convert to real and without fear of IOF charges, as occurs when contracting companies from other countries.

Incidentally, payments can be made via national credit card or bank slip. There are several facilities to acquire this service that offers website hosting in Portuguese and many other benefits for your website!

In addition, HostGator’s support service is in Portuguese and available 24/7 , and is far superior to the competition This makes all the difference when hiring HostGator for website hosting , as you will never be left in the lurch, much less without having the solution to your problems.

With HostGator it is possible to solve problems and ask questions by email or via chat. HostGator also has on its website many explanations and information on the Control Panel, in addition to having tutorials aimed at teaching about the use of WordPress.

HostGator is considered to be  the best hosting nationwide  and can be found at an affordable price. In addition, it offers a  guaranteed 99.9% uptime for the website and is always highly praised by customers, especially for its unlimited hosting plans .

HostGator website hosting offers more storage space for your website, unlimited monthly transfer, quality technical support and certainly offers a plan that will suit your website needs well.

In addition, it offers more advanced and specific options: such as VPS server , cloud and dedicated hosting , which are excellent options for hosting websites with a greater number of accesses.

For those looking for an efficient, complete and reliable solution, HostGator is one of the best hosting companies , offering excellent solutions for hosting websites.

3. Locaweb

Locaweb is a national website hosting company founded in 1997 and headquartered in São Paulo.

The company offers one of the best website hosting services in Brazil, which is why it is in our 2023 ranking. In addition, they have support that is highly recommended by customers.

Locaweb makes its own magazine available on its website showing tips , excellent articles, news about hosting and suggestions for customers and non-customers.

It also offers exclusive website creation services for e-commerce, delivery applications and small entrepreneurs . That way, you can have access to tools that make your site superior to competitors.

Another very nice point about Locaweb’s hosting is the function of managing and professionalizing social networks. This type of demand is increasing every day, especially for content creators, bloggers, youtubers and for those who have a website and need to learn how to work with social media.

One of the points that Brazilians like most about Locaweb is the fact that it offers more ways to get in touch, which happens because it is a national hosting company . For this reason, Locaweb is considered the best website hosting in Brazil.

They offer a telephone number for contact, WhatsApp and a 0800 service. Thus, customers highly praise the service provided by the accommodation.

Oh! Before we forget: she is a partner of the Dotz Program. This makes it possible to earn points and exchange them for prizes and trips.

Locaweb has also shown a quality, stronger and more robust website hosting. In October 2020, it announced the purchase of 5 other hosting services.

That is, it is a hosting provider that is expanding strongly, creating new jobs and has shown interest in acquiring new employees in the area of ​​software development for improvement and development of new products for the hosting company.

In addition, she increased her search for systems engineers and other technology and advanced computing professionals, aiming to grow the company’s hosting and offer better solutions for the website in general.

4. HostMedia

HostMídia has 18 years of experience and is a company that has more than 60,000 customers. It has 2 data centers (one in São Paulo and the other in Orlando, USA) with high technology, excellent resources and still renowned in clean energy. HostMídia is still a national pioneer when it comes to reselling hosting.

HostMídia’s technical support is available every day and at all times in Brazil . Therefore, customer service is often highly praised by users. In the case of hosting migration, the work is carried out by specialists and free of charge to the customer.

The company’s website builder offers website implementation through the use of various templates. Thus, even lay people with no knowledge of programming or website development can create an online address in just a few clicks.

Thus, it is possible, through 3 simple steps, to put the site on the air by HostMídia hosting . They guide the user to choose the best theme, customize it based on their ideas and needs.

This hosting is easy to use, has a simple and intuitive interface. Another cool thing is that the websites developed at HostMídia are responsive. That is, the sites adapt to different devices such as computer, cell phone and tablet.

5. UOL Host

Another national website hosting that is among the best in Brazil, UOL Host stands out for the quality of the service.

UOL Host belongs to the Universo Online Group and was founded in 2008. This group still owns all of UOL’s products and content, in addition to companies such as PagSeguro.

Without further ado, UOL Host offers hosting that has a great infrastructure . In this sense, it has the largest data center in Latin America available to its customers.

In addition, all UOL Host servers are hosted in Brazil. This generates greater reliability and security for users, making UOL Host the best Brazilian website hosting.

The charges (for being a 100% Brazilian website hosting) are all made in national currency. Thus, it eliminates the need to carry out conversions when hiring a new product.

In addition, UOL Host has received awards such as the “Modern Award for Excellence in Customer Services” in the years 2015, 2016 and 2018. It was also awarded by Reclame Aqui and Época Magazine as the best company in the Internet and Server/HOST category in the years from 2016 and 2017 .

UOL Host offers all types of hosting for its customers, such as blogs, e-commerce, small virtual stores, WordPress sites, among other options. Thus, through the “Creator of websites”, you can easily and intuitively create the page of your choice and the way you need it.

6. Configure

Configr is robot-managed cloud hosting,  founded in 2013, is among the best website hosting. 

With it, you can count on a website hosting service that doesn’t waste your time with complex configurations and services that require advanced knowledge to administer the server.

The company has a panel that facilitates the management of contracted services. In addition,  Configr offers servers with SSD disks, CDN and advanced caching system, which guarantee the best performance for your website .

Unlike the other services in our ranking,  Configr uses servers with Cloud architecture . For this reason, the amount charged by the company is higher than the other competitors on this list.

Despite this, compared to equivalent cloud hosting services,  Configr offers services with values ​​compatible  with those practiced by the market .

This makes  Configr an excellent website hosting option for those looking for a reliable and quality cloud hosting service.

7. Umbler

Umbler is a startup from Brazil that operates hosting websites and domains. It makes it possible for lay people to have their own website, but it also provides very good tools and services for experienced developers and even agencies.

It has a data center hosted in the national territory and has grown a lot in recent years.This is thanks to the plans with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, an intuitive and simple interface in the website administration panel.

In addition, one of its advantages is the possibility of testing before actually hiring the hosting . That way, only after understanding more about Umbler, its services, tools and support can you “close the deal” to be sure it is the best hosting for your website.

However, we noticed that the e-mail service is not included in the hosting plans for websites. That is, he will need to be hired separately if it is in his interest to have a professional email address . This is not a problem, but it is good to be clear in case an unsuspecting customer does not notice this.

Oh! It is worth mentioning that Umbler has limited hosting support service. Thus, the service is from Monday to Friday, during business hours.

However, it does provide excellent user support material that can help you with any questions or problems with the site. Umbler offers very satisfactory speed and free services offered by some partner companies.

8. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a website hosting and domain registration provider, just like the other hosting companies in our ranking. The difference is that GoDaddy has more than 20 million active users on its platform and is among the best hosting.

It is possible to receive assistance in real time via chat. Or, if you prefer, it also has technical support by phone, which helps users a lot (especially those who have little knowledge of websites and hosting).

GoDaddy makes it possible to create a website easily through dozens of pre-established templates and even a complete system for e-commerce . Thus, when typing your intention or idea in the company’s “Website Creator” tab, it will direct you to existing models of your business segment.

In addition, GoDaddy always offers updated versions of WordPress on the website hosting. This favors SEO optimization on Google and ensures more security for users . It also has the latest SSL certificates available to customers, being a provider that provides a lot of features and tools for hosted websites.

In this sense, it is good to point out that GoDaddy offers the best website hosting in Brazil and is highly awarded when it comes to security. Thus, it has the “WebTrust” and “Online Trust Honor Roll” awards, which are international awards that demonstrate the security of the services provided by the company.

These victories demonstrate that GoDaddy cares about performance, security, high performance and quality of services provided , which guarantees it the fight for the title of best hosting.

In addition to the notes we’ve already cited, GoDaddy has seven best customer support champion awards. It was elected the hosting company that offers its customers the best service (“Exceptional Customer Service”) in the international competition organized by the Stevie Award. In addition, she always appears with an excellent score in all the reviews on the internet.

The Stevies Awards are 8 international competitions organized by the company with the same name that honor the best accommodation or companies in certain areas .

9. KingHost

KingHost is a national company dedicated to the web hosting area. She has expertise in website hosting and domain registration. 

In 2020 it was acquired by Locaweb, however, it maintained its operations as an independent company.

Founded in mid-2006, it has over 60,000 active customers on its platform. KingHost has a great reputation on the Reclame Aqui website and is usually highly praised by its customers.

It is also a company with data centers in Brazil and this enables a higher speed in the transmission of data and information on the hosted website It also means fixed cost and in national currency. KingHost also offers high uptime guarantee on hosting.

Furthermore, it offers ready-made website templates to new customers. So, just go to the page and use the “drag and drop” commands to create a hobby, business or online store website.

This company also securely hosts WordPress sites and provides SEO tools that ensure better site performance. Oh! The SSL certificate is free for all KingHost customers (the company was one of the pioneers in adopting and offering the Let’s Encrypt certificate for free).

Therefore, you can have a secure site,  encrypted information and demonstrate reliability to your visitors. This is great, especially for online stores.

In addition, KingHost hosting guarantees free migration in case of transferring hosting.  In this service, the company’s specialists take care of the entire process quickly, confidentially and without leaving the client’s website offline during the migration.

10. Super Domains

Super Domínios is the best 100% Brazilian website hosting on our list. It has been around since 1999 and has revolutionized hosting and domain registration with its excellent service in the early days of the internet.

Before this company, registering a domain and hiring the best hosting was very expensive. However, thanks to Super Domains, this reality has changed and access to this type of service has been facilitated in our country.

Currently, Super Domínios has around 171,000 customers and registers an average of 500 domains a day. Thus, they have more than 160,000 websites using their hosting, which incidentally offers 24-hour support.

Furthermore, Super Domínios has a reputation considered “regular” by the Reclame Aqui website. On a scale of 0 to 10, it has a 6.4. And 100% of complaints are responded to in a timely manner by the hosting company.

This best website hosting also provides free SSL certificate for all domains and subdomains. Oh! You also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, in case of dissatisfaction, regardless of having a reason, it is possible to request cancellation without bureaucracy and have 100% of the money returned.

Super Domínios allows the creation of websites, virtual stores, blogs and professional e-mail accounts. There is a hosting plan for 1 to 50 websites.  So, you can choose what works best for you. It is also possible to assemble a plan according to the demand and need of the site.

11. Hostnet

Hostnet is a hosting site based in Rio de Janeiro that offers excellent service and therefore should be considered when choosing the best website hosting. It allows you to host websites, register domains, create various applications, email marketing and other services.

The company offers better website hosting, data centers in Brazil and has branches in several cities in the country. Thanks to this, it is possible to count on excellent support, which achieved an excellent evaluation index on the Reclame Aqui website.

In fact, Hostnet’s support is provided 24 hours a day through a Helpdesk, telephone or online chat on the company’s website.

Another positive point about Hostnet is a company that offers free SSL certificate in every hosting plan and has reliable servers. It also has CDN Technology and performs regular maintenance on the websites hosted on its platform.

Since 2001 Hostnet has been growing and consolidating itself as a better hosting. Currently, the company offers many services for those who have a website, such as an intuitive control panel and simple access . In addition to providing all services for those who have a website, all in one place.

It also offers free and automatic backup of the site, which can be monitored by the customer. Thus, any hosting problems will not make you lose all your site or content.

They also offer the creation of email marketing campaigns and allow you to create automated marketing strategies, excellent for those who want to capture emails.

This makes life much easier for small entrepreneurs who own a website or people who haven’t yet mastered Digital Marketing tactics.

  • Storage5GB
  • Traffic25GB
  • EmailUnlimited
  • uptime99.99%
  • Website BuilderNo

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