Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost By PakUrdo

none of you Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost By PakUrdo will survive from here. Your destiny will not change. You will all die. Commissioner. -Do not worry. Turn on the music. Let’s start. Turn off the radios. d Stop! Don’t do it. I give up. Do not shoot. I give up. Don’t do it. Do not shoot. I give up. mat Are you okay? Yes, okay. Thank you. Unknown number. I’m listening. You will arrive in Istanbul this afternoon.

Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost By PakUrdo
Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost By PakUrdo

Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle

From now on in the case of the Striker. The Consul General has been dismissed. But this time it won’t be easy for us to excuse ourselves. All are mobilized Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost By PakUrdo in search of us. You, Mr. Jevdet, have done us a great service. \Ne have chosen you in exchange for this service, our companion in Istanbul. But first, we have a problem to fix. I warned you about the Striker. Yes. Warned.

If you wish, I can resolve the issue with the Striker, Lucas. But you also know. To rule Istanbul, I have to get to the table of fives. Our agents collect information_about the table of fives. You will receive information. The main thing is to remove the.Attacker from the path. Don’t you worry Lucas Good morning teacher. Good morning. Sorry.

Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle

There seems to be a bug. Your line of business has been discontinued, Ms. Nergiz. Like this? I will let you in through another entrance to collect your things. Nergiz. You were fired from your job, and the program was taken off the air. They have to reward us. What is this punishment for?

Ms. Nergiz. Where did this dismissal come from? Because of yesterday’s notes, my phone didn’t go off until morning. I’m sorry, but I had to make this decision. Did my father want me to be fired? No, Nergiz. I have to keep this place on my feet. I did my*j@b as a leader.

Clear. I think you better take my dad’s call. He gets very angry when he is not answered. Good lessons, teacher. Thank you teacher. Good lessons, teacher Fatih. Good lessons, teacher Yeliz. Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Friends, I can hear you from the corridor. Other classes have already started, be a little more respectful. Sit down.

J IS IB Best? I quit. Don’t be stupid, Best, what dismissal? Nergiz, we won’t find a job, or what? We are currently hosting the highest-rated TV show in Turkey. No, Taner. You too? You just missed. Sister Nergiz, I will also not work on a channel where you are not. Because we are an inseparable team. Isn’t that right, dear Bestf? Dear Best? Yes honey. Why does he always call you sister and me dear Beste?

I’m really tired, let’s leave here? Let’s go home. Okay, I’ll make you coffee, let’s have a little heart-to-heart talk, okay? I’ll go too. Is it good? Where are you going? You went through a traumatic situation-, you know? Yes, and we must be next to each other in difficult times, dear Best. Not “dear Best”. You will call me sister, okay? Sister. What happened, Nergiz? We no longer have a home, Best?

How is it not? That’s right, no. I threw my house keys to my dad this morning. You threw the keys on his head, right? No, Taner. Of course, she threw it not on her head, but on the floor. I have the keys, honey. Beste, the topic with the house is completely closed. I said you came to me, but there are 5 cats at home. Grandma is an old woman, grumpy. You will not be comfortable.

Akinci Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost By PakUrdo

That is, we were left without a home? Brother, isn’t that super? Exactly. Look, he smashed everything. Friends. If you like, I can collect your phones. Teacher, isn’t the striker awesome? Teacher, what do you think of him? Have you seen the records? Have not seen.

I had better things to do. If my memory serves me, then you also had a lot of homework. Teacher, everyone is talking about him. Please open your notebooks and books. And a really charismatic man! How it shoots! I wonder who he looks like? He’s definitely very cute.

This is Turkey’s first superhero, congratulations to all, friends. Enough, everything. Clear. Let’s close this topic with the striker, otherwise we will not be able to continue the lesson, obviously. Who are they? Ataturk. Sultan Fatih Mehmet. Friends, you have such ancestors.

How can you apply words like “hero” and “charisma” to others? Do you know who a hero is? A hero is a person who has wonderful dreams related to himself, family, country, even with all of humanity. The one who, with endless faith and determination, runs towards these dreams. Look, here are two heroes who believed in their dreams. Ataturk.

What do you think was the most important phrase in Ataturk’s life? Ataturk has many important phrases, teacher. Which one is the most important to you? “We will raise our national culture above the level of modern civilizations.” For me, this is the most important phrase in the life of Ataturk, friends. Because this phrase reveals the purpose of our country.

And when we would raise our national culture above the level of modern civilizations … That is, when Western countries would be bypassed in every area … What would happen? There would be a new civilization and a new world order, right? Why didn’t we succeed, teacher? It’s a very long journey. It is incorrect to say that we did not succeed.

However, we did not believe in ourselves as much as Ataturk believed in us. Tell me what potential Ataturk saw in his people … What did you use such self-confident and specific phrases? Just think. 11 years have passed since the end of the War of Independence. Leader of a tired people of 16 million people who don’t even have an industry yet… Comes out and says: “

We will bypass the West!” This self-confidence, faith and courage are the essential qualities of the hero, friends. Believe in your dreams. No matter how bad the conditions are, believe in your dreams not in legends and fairy tales. And with heart and soul. Sultan Fatih Mehmet.

Friends, Sultan Fatih Mehmet ascended the throne twice. For the first time at 12 years old. Was even younger than you. At 12 when he ascended the throne. He told everyone about Istanbul, which he represented in his dreams. But no one believed him, comrades. Whenever he strives for his dream .. He ran without stopping, that’s when they began to be afraid of him.

They were scared of the dream he had built. His father is Murat 2. When he dies, he sits on the throne at the age of 14. is being prepared for 2 years. And at 21 he is buried in Istanbul, comrades. Why are we talking about Sultan Fatih Mehmet? Take an example from our ancestors.

Strive for success from an early age. To conquer cities. Comrades to tell you to believe in your dream. Like him to defend his vision. To respect the difference between themselves. So that you go to the realization of your dream. Feelings of justice. Humanity. So that you try for this.

Do you know what I dream about? Who is my hero? You. You, to whom I am telling abo.ut our ancestors and valiant principles^ LUeQJQ Don’t refuse to dream. Let’s. To the lesson. In my opinion, teacher Fatih is jealous of the Attacker. ElHi WJL This is the tomb of Sultan Fatih Mehmet.

Why did he go there? After that, the video is interrupted, chief. Aren’t there cameras around? Yes, but the system did not work. Eugel, is there any trace of the Striker’s star? Unfortunately not. As I expected. I go eat. You will make a report and leave it in my office. Welcome Mr. Orhan. Hello Ms. Yeliz. Thank you. How are you? Good. Thank you.

\Ne have prepared delicious manti today. I advise. Can. With pleasure. Want some garlic? If it is convenient for you I do not care. I’ll put it with the mantas. N@, I mean, among so much work, they didn’t bother. Cleaning and stuff. No. I cooked for a long time.

So I’ll bring it right now. I’ll tell you something. I will not be manty. It occurred to me that I have a very important business. Therefore, excuse me, I urgently need to go. What do you. Out of the question. We are waiting again. Of course. Easy work. Oh my God. What happened?

How is it going Than.taypu. Ready by evening. Are you excited? Not yet. Bubwhen the evening starts, I dpn’t know. Have you seen the collection? Everything as you wanted. Let’s say it’s a finishing little touch. I needed to do. None of us wants a collection to fail. Is not it?

You’re right. If only you did not interfere, Dzhevdet. The design is great, but the chosen stones are terrible. I was forced to intervene. Welcome to Istanbul, Commissioner. I beg. c Yes. We are ready? Mr. Dzhevdet, are we in no hurry? After yesterday’s events, what we went through. The site has taken tough measures. No no. We were even late, Keksal.

Don’t you know how hard I tried to come here? I left my family .. Friends . All those who trusted me behind. Now is the time to take back all that I donated. Do not hang your nose, I will wait for news from you. I don’t want any mistake. As you command.

Did you cook this? What? It’s not tasty? Well, like this. Soup is like soup. Okay, don’t pay attention. I’m hungry as a wolf. Tell me, Hadjer. Have you written a statement? Hadjer, how can I ask for a vacation? The situation is completely confused. I’ll catch the Striker first.




Then. \Ne were going^o go home? I wait for yp.u until the morning, Kemal. Let’s go, Hadjer. Let’s go. Wait. Patience. You won’t come tonight too? How will I come? I’m busy with a bunch of things. • rH x Ours came. Son-in-law? Welcome. Thank you. Bon Appetit. Thank you. Should I put it to you, nephew? I’m not hungry, aunt. Thank you. But I’ll drink tea. Good. You sit down, I’ll bring it right away.

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